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 l’amour MJ <3
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sex on legs!!!!
Michael Jackson
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This Michael Jackson photo contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

A few days later they found out houx was three weeks pregnant. Michael has been taking wonderful care of houx making sure she isn't overdoing it, and making sure she is resting. Suddenly three months goes by. houx is now starting to montrer and everytime Michael looks at her he can't help but put his hand on her stomach and smile. Everything with houx and her mom has been going good too, they actually go out and have lunch sometimes. So for the past couple of weeks houx and Michael have been starting to start the nursery that was a spare room in their bedroom quarters. They don't want to...
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 Michael and houx on their honeymoon
Michael and Holly on their honeymoon
The suivant morning houx wakes up and sees Michael looking at her. "Hey" she says groggy. Michael kisses her "Morning baby, how did toi sleep?" "Really good! But i'm sorry about last night toi must have been disapointed." "No I knew toi were tired so I just let toi sleep." "And another question, how long have toi been staring at me?" Michael chuckles "Oh for about an hour." "I don't know if I should be touched ou grossed out right now!" "Oh stop it toi know toi like it!" They start to kiss. houx says between kisses "What time is it?" Michael looks at the clock "It's six. toi know we could stay...
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 Michael and Brooke at Guiness Book of World Records
Michael and Brooke at Guiness Book of World Records
It has been a jour since houx left his house. Michael has called several times begging her to pick up the phone and listen to reason.

One jour she gets a letter in the mail addressed to her, but with no return label. So she decides to open it. When she does it is a note written from Michael explaining about the night he spent with Diana. Here's what it said.

"Holly please forgive me I can't make it another jour with out you! Here is what happened that night with Diana. I had a little to much to drink and Diana was there to watch one of the concerts. We both went out to dîner together and she...
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A few weeks have passed and I was stuck in bed. I was expecting a check-up real soon. When I had gotten out of the hospital a few weeks ago, Michael and I thought about it and decided to try a third time for a child. I had a feeling something happened this time. My check-up was in a couple of hours, so I was kinda sorta getting things together...and trying to be calm. When I had called the hospital, they a dit that someone should be with me to be sure I was comfortable in the room. So I had told Michael about it and he a dit that he'd be there with me, since he had a feeling he should be there....
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posted by ILuvMetallica09
Me and my cousin walked into this crazy hollywood party. there was ice sculptures, the scent of boze, high intentions, and sex. we wasnt even invited but we turned 21 last week and we dared eachother into coming here. we walked through all the craziness and madness as we turned heads as we walked in and made our way into the bar. we both ordered tequilla shots. as we dranked our drinks we sat and scanned the crowed for any good looking men but we hardly could see the dancefloor from all the cigarette smoke that had surrounded us. after me and my cousin finished our rounds of our drinks we hit...
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The suivant day, Rebecca woke up at around 8 o'clock. She remembered what she read last night and smiled. 'I get to watch the master at work. It's gonna be amazing.' She thought. She got out of lit and went to her closet to grab her clothes for today. She changed out of her pjs and into a pair of blue skinny jeans, her white v-neck t-shirt, and her white button up chemise with a black stripe on the right sleeve. She went to her drawers and got her white socks and put them on. Then she went back to her closet to grab her black trainers. Even though she hid the fact that she was still recovering from...
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 Part of the rehearsals he did for Invincible :)
Part of the rehearsals he did for Invincible :)
A few days have passed and it was getting closer to his tour date. The first montrer was in 3 days and they were rehearsing it. Michael went over the songs he was putting in the montrer and helped everyone dance to them. While they were on break from dancing, Michael had been thinking about Rebecca. 'I wonder how she's doing...I haven't seen her on twitter at all since our date. I'll check up on her.' He thought, heading into the lobby and getting on his laptop. He got on twitter and didn't see a tweet from Rebecca for 4 days. Not even to tell everyone that she's alright ou anything. So, he decided...
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posted by jazzyjaz31
I feel so sad when people lie on MJ. I mean...come on Mj is the sweetest man on earth. he never raped a child, he never do anything to harm people. he just doing his job for the lord. The bible says toi are to l’amour everybody no matter how they treat you. And thats what the whole world should do. MJ have l’amour for kids and l’amour for the people. I don't see anything wrong with that. MJ helps people and spreading l’amour for the whole world and thats a blessing thing. MJ's l’amour for a child, is very very lovely. people dont see that. but I see it and I respect it. I can see why mj had a hard time to get people to understand what he been going through. Its tough real tough. I just want the world to know that MJ is loved and he will never do anything to hurt people. He l’amour everybody in this world. l’amour is important to him. And I wish people could understand that. The whole world needs l’amour and power!. (michael's voice) "Heal the world Make It a better place. For toi and for me".
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"Ayanna, toi don't have to tell Mom that toi are pregnant.", a dit Breanna.

"Are toi crazy? I can't keep this from Mom!"

"Why do toi have to tell her?"

"Because she will kill me if she's finds out from somebody else, Breanna. toi must have forgotten about the "birds and bees talk",said Ayanna, using her fingers to emphasize her words, when we were kids."

"Newsflash, toi are not a kid anymore. toi are a grown cul, ass woman, capable of making her own decisions and toi need to stop jouer la comédie like Lil Miss Perfect all of the time."

Ayanna stared at Breanna.

"Are toi really going to give up the l’amour of your life...
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I've liked the great ..singer, Michael Jackson, for a while back..I remember when I was a kid and I was watching TV and I was hearing about MJ..and I've always loved his music.
But just the rythm. I used to like the songs. They were awesome !! I found a notebook from when I was younger and there's this section with my fav songs and MJ's Earth song and Thriller are there.. I liked the songs.. The rest I didn't care about..I remember being afraid of his face..I don't know..weird memory..
But I loved his music.

I grew up and I got the meaning of the lyrics..and I was amazed..His lyrics are so beautiful.....
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When they walked upstairs, Janet gave jasmin a red short-sleeved silk Donna Karen blouse,black mini-skirt and red sandals with multi-colored stones on them. After jasmin changed into the outfit and put the sandals, Janet smiled at her.

"You look really cute in that. I was going to wear it today, but I can see that it looks better on you.", a dit Janet.

"Oh, toi can have it back if toi need it.",said jasmin and tried to take it off.

"No, I insist that toi wear it besides toi need it plus than I do."

"But, how I can give this back to you?", jasmin asked.

"Don't worry about it." Besides I have a...
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posted by koolkat-1104
Michael Jackson,my heart,my soul,my teacher,a great friend,a brother,a beautiful human being sent from God.His mission was to only bring love,happiness and peace on earth for millions of people.Some people have been saying so many lie's that aren't true about him.Some people have misunderstood him.What made some people believe those lies about him,Because of what toi hear instead of giving yourself a chance to understand who the real Michael Jackson was himself.Why must there be people who judge par the color of our skin,our personalities,our age and our opinions.Haven't they heard to never...
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posted by goodfeelings777
I will give toi plus curiosities...Please commentaire :)

1. When Michael was a child his favori livres include Rip van Winkle and The Old Man and the Sea

2. He had a pet mouton, moutons named Mr. Tibbs

3. His total length of the musique revenues are estimated at $ 500 million

4. Little Richard wanted to be portrayed par Jackson in a biopic

5. Jackson had a python called Crusher

6. A library, once accused the singer for $ 1 million in fines for overdue books

7. HIStory has been the biggest selling double album in the United States

8. Before the concerts he used to drank sweet Ricola dissolved in hot water

9. He was...
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Hold me
like the river Jordan
and I will then say to thee
you are my friend

Carry me
like toi are my brother
love me like a mother
will toi be there?

tell me will toi hold me
when wrong, will
you scold me
when Lost will toi find me?

But they told me
a man should be faithful
and walk when not able
and fight till the end
but I'm only human

Everyone's taking
control of me
seems that the world's
got a role for me
I'm so confused
will toi montrer to me
you'll be there for me
and care enough to ours me

(hold me)
show me
(lay your head lowly)
do me
(softly then boldly)
(carry me there)
I'm only human

(lead me)
hold me
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