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 March 11, 1974: Free To Be toi And Me ABC Special with Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
king of pop
… In fact, say sources in a position to know, the superstar faked his death to escape the crushing pressures of life in a fishbowl – and he is now socked away in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, possibly Hungary, far from the clamor of paparazzi covering his “autopsy” and “funeral” in southern California.

And in the strangest twist of all, say the insiders, once he’s rested and ready, Jackson, 50, will blow the lid off his own hoax – and embark on the most spectacularly lucrative concert tour in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Michael is following in the footsteps...
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Michael Jackson
king of pop
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As Michael helped me he walked me to his house and he asked me.How did this happen sweetie please tell me.Well its a long story.I was limping after i fell down the stairs in my house this morning because i was so tired from cleaning my house so much since my parents are away down the shore.Aww Lauren why didn't toi tell me your were hurt asked Michael in a caring sweet voice. Because. . .I didn't want toi to think i was clumsy ou anything.Michael giggles and say's i don't think your clumsy.It was an accident.I know toi must have been exhausted trying to help your mother while she's away.That's...
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