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 2007 L'umo Vogue Photoshoot
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Chapter 9,
January 12, 2002,

I am really starting to get irritated with how often Gavin and his family are coming to the ranch and dad decided to take Prince, Paris, and I down to New Jersey to spend time with the Cassio family for a week. I l’amour going to their house because they are really family oriented people and they are some of the only people that don’t use dad for anything!!!
We walked in the doorway to their cozy house and Denise was standing in the cuisine cooking. Dad dropped 4 duffle bags on the floor and I sat on the couch. Dad walked over and pulled the capuche, hotte from my sweatshirt...
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 All four of them in Holly's trailer
All four of them in Holly's trailer
The suivant morning Michael comes into the studio with a big smile on his face. George and Francis are sitting in director chairs talking over some last minute details about "Captain EO." Michael sits down in front of them never taking the smile off his face. "What are toi smiling about?" George asks. Michael shrugs his shoulders, "I'm just happy that's all." Michael starts to look at some papers that are laying on the desk. Francis smirks, "Well George isn't it obvious! It has something to do with Holly." "Maybe is is" Michael says back. "Michael tell us how did it go?" Francis asks. "It went...
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When jasmin refused to answer his calls again, Michael decided to go to her apartment. He was leaving on Valentine's jour and he would be gone for 2 years. He did not want to leave without talking to her one plus time.

Although many artists went on tour to promote their music, Michael loathed touring. He really loved his fans and did want to do anything that would disappoint them. Michael hated being mobbed par over enthusciatic girls, who ripped at his clothes, scratched, and pulled his hair. These girls would do anything just to touch him and they did not realize that they were hurting him...
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(Written par Andre Harris and Marsha Ambrosius)

Appeared on a US promo 12" (2001)
Lead Vocals: Michael Jackson and Eve

[Intro/Verse 1: Eve]
Trackmasters, uh oh she just your type right
Tryin to figure out how toi could play a major part up in her life right
Shorty got your mind tight
And everytime toi see her walk par start thinkin bout your night like
She all that's in your eye sight
And ever since the first jour toi seened her thinkin she the wife type
You figure she'll be perfect lovin toi
Fantasize the tingle from her fingers rubbin toi
Tryin to analyze the situation, toi feelin crazy
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