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The suivant morning, I woke up with a great joy, with a big smile. I stretched, thinking about everything happened yesterday. But this thought who came yesterday night, before I slept, came again : How Michael is here, he don't suppose to be.... away now ? I knew in deep of my cœur, coeur that I felt Michael Jackson was always here, but it's like even... strange, but the most weird it's how Michael can be stay young, like Bad Era ??? it's really strange... But I don't care because my dream is real now and this evening I will see him again! Plus in Neverland!!
So at 6.30 pm, I was in the rue behind...
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When michael got out to the front gate, he saw nothing but fresh tire marks. Also the officers who were assigned to keep watch were nowhere in sight. Michael began to make his way back inside when the officers pulled up. Angry michael stormed over to them. "Where the hell were toi guys?" michael demanded. "We went to go get lunch...do something happen?" one officer said. "Yes! someone was parked outside here once again and i just got another threating phone call." michael a dit angerily. "Mr. Jackson please just calm down." another officer a dit calmly. "Calm down?You expect me to calm down...
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Michael was really scared at this point. "Who is doing this?Why are they doing this?" Michael asked himself. Michael walked back upstairs. "Michael tell me right now what the hell is going on?" Diane demanded. "I already told you, someone is stalking us and whoever it is i know is going to try and ...." Michael trailed off he couldnt bring himself to say it. "Hurt us." Diane a dit trying to finish his sentence. "No....more like kill us." michael replied. Michael then headed into the cuisine and grabbed the house phone and called the police.

Within about 15 minutes 4 cops showed up at michael's...
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Michael arrived at the hospital not knowing Diane's condition, ou the condition of his unborn son. "please say their okay." Michael a dit as he walked into the lobby of the hospital. There he was met par Alicia, "Alicia have toi heard anything?" Michael asked with tears in his eyes. "I just got here and all I know is she's being rushed into an emergency c-section." Alicia replied.

Alicia and Michael then headed up to the maturity ward where they sat and waited outside of the operating room where doctors desperately to save the baby. As they waited michael prayed like he never had before. "Please...
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Michael went to the front door and opened it. He immediately wished he hadn't though. Standing outside the house was Bill.
"Morning Michael." He said. He seemed very jumpy.
"Bill, what are toi doing here?" Michael asked. "You're meant to be in London."
"I was...it's just...someone wants to see you."
Bill stepped aside and revealed Joseph was had been behind him. Michael suddenly felt ill.
"Joe, I thought toi were in Indiana." Michael said, stepping outside.
"That's not important right now. I need to ask toi something though. Did toi really take that girl back to her orphange?"
"Y-yes, I did."...
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Days turned to weeks and Rosabel was happier than she had ever been. She was still staying at Neverland with Michael, Janet, Mac, Elijah and Simone. It was now the middle of December and Rosabel was getting plus and plus curious about Christmas. She had seen it snow for the first time, had her first snowball fight and built her first snowman all in one day. She had seen countless adverts for Christmas presents on TV and had already made her letter for Santa. The peculiar thing was that Neverland House still wasn't decorated. When Rosabel had asked Michael why the house wasn't decorated, he...
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Michael and Rosabel arrived at LAX late afternoon. Rosabel had fallen asleep so Michael carried her and their bags into the airport. There he found Janet sitting at the cafe eating a chocolat muffin.
"Enjoying that Dunk?" He said, sneaking up behind her.
"Michael!" She stood up and gave her brother a hug. "Is this the little girl you've been talking about?"
"No, it's a leopard I adopted on the way over." Michael said, smirking at Janet.
"What's her name?" Janet asked, ignoring Michael's sarcasm.
"Rosabel Diamond. Don't wake her yet. Hopefully she'll sleep the whole journey. I want to surprise her....
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First of all michael is a human being and he feels what those people make fun of him. It really hurts him and it makes me sad. I think those people were so heartless. I hate to see michael sad ou hurting it makes me want to cry. But he wouldn't want people to cry forever he would want us to smile all the time. Michael did not read magizines but he saw and heard what people a dit about him. He was so tired of being made fun of he was always made fun of as a kid and teen and it continued as he grew older and became plus famous. I can't believe some of the things they wrote about him. It is mean and rude I was treated the same way as a kid too. My sisters and brother were always making fun of me and kids at scholl called me a pig and meany head. I wanted to end my life. but michael gave me hope to keep my head up and believe. I l’amour toi michael jackson king of pop, rock, and soul.
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 Jazzy have alot of l’amour for toi guys!!!!
Jazzy have alot of love for you guys!!!!
"You know I l’amour toi very very very much. toi will always be in my heart. I l’amour you!!!. (kisses)"

4.Nahtania Jackson
5.Niks Adnks

YoyoJackson: I l’amour toi sis very much!!!!!
Nahtania Jackson: I l’amour toi sis soo much!! MJJJ29fan: I l’amour toi sis soo so much!!!
Niks Adnks: I l’amour toi sis alot!!!!!
MJpeterpan: I l’amour toi sis very much. but u almost the best sister!!!
Koolkat-1994: I l’amour toi sis!!!. Keep michaeling
iluvmj54: I l’amour toi sis. even sometimes u get on my nerve (jk)!!.
Sanuce:I l’amour toi very very very much. toi are the best sister.

Natasa: I l’amour toi every single day. U always make me happy. I will always be par ur side forever. Sisters forever!!
 I l’amour toi sis!!!! <3
I love you sis!!!! <3
 I l’amour toi sis!!!! <3
I love you sis!!!! <3
 I l’amour toi sis soo much!!! <3. toi are the best!!!
I love you sis soo much!!! <3. you are the best!!!
 I l’amour toi sis!! <3
I love you sis!! <3
 I l’amour toi sis very very very much!!!!. toi will always be my sister forever!!!
I Love you sis very very very much!!!!. you will always be my sister forever!!!