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The seven dwarfs are singing. Their voices are floating out of speakers hidden among the trees and lush flora surrounding Michael Jackson's mansion, in Neverland Valley — his 2700-acre, $22 million oasis in the Santa Ynez Valley, an heure north of Santa Barbara, California. "Michael's very own Xanadu," as his friend director John Landis puts it.

At Neverland, Jackson has created a secluded and secure environment far from businessmen, attorneys, managers, music-television-channel VIPs and even members of his immediate family. Here he can stand in front of his house and the only sounds to hear...
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WARNING! Extremely erotic & suggestive content inside! Michael gets naked! Ok, not really but he might as well since he rips his chemise a few times and works his body like he is making love. Please enjoy responsibly!
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