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Video ripped from original VHS tape :D Enjoy it ;)
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The room went quiet. I could hear Michael's light breathing over the too of the men who were sat opposite Michael. I peeped out from under the table, tableau to see what was going on. I saw about 12 guys, 11 dressed in black Suits – Avocats sur Mesure and 1 dressed in a grey one. I was assuming the grey-suited guy was the main guy. I saw Michael, he was looking a little nervous but professional. I saw one of the men stand up, leaning on the table, tableau with his hands.
"So, what do toi want from us?" the guy asked, with a yell. Michael now looked angry. Michael stood up.
"You know what I want, I want toi to back off!" He yelled...
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Chapter 3:

Once we were inside the house again, me and Michael got dried off from the SuperSoaker war. I changed into my pyjamas and so did Michael, and we snuggled on the sofa watching Disney films all night, ou at least til bedtime. I had fallen asleep and woke up only when it was bedtime.
"Becky..?" Michael whispered, tapping me gently. I found my head leaning on Michael's side, as he was sitting upright on the sofa. I pushed myself up a little and looked at Michael.
"What time is it..?" I asked sleepily. I tried to look at my watch but my eyes were blurry and I couldn't make out the time.
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