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The walk accueil seemed endless for Michael. He kept replaying what happened over and over again in his mind. He couldn't shake off the guilt that weighed so heavily on him. He began to feel a little dizzy as the sick feeling in his stomach worsened. Then his vision became blurry and he started swaying. Michael knew something was wrong so he decided to stop and rest. He found a patch of herbe on the side of the road and laid down.

A few minutes rest was all he needed but he ended up falling asleep. About 20 minutes later, a silver Volvo pulled over on the side of the road where Michael lay sleeping....
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Soon after Michael's death, the news outlets had been notified. Almost every channel had "Superstar Michael Jackson Shot and Killed." , "Michael Jackson dead at 36" and "Michael Jackson Murdered par Jeleous Fan" scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Alicia still sat in the waiting room too weak to even move. She couldnt believe that her best friend was dead. Alicia's eyes filled with tears as she stood there staring at the tv in the waiting room. Just then a nurse came in. "Ma'm dont toi want to go home?" , "No...im waiting for my Friends wife....she's taking me home." Alicia sniffled,...
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He worked at the local bookstore 2 blocks from his house. A simple job, not very exciting, but it put nourriture on the table, tableau an paid the bills and that's all that mattered to Michael. As he entered the store he was greeted par a co worker named Erica. Erica was a high school student who worked part time at the store. She was fairly tall with blond hair and dark blue eyes. She was very friendly and personable, always had a smile on her face. Though they weren't terribly close, Michael and Erica enjoyed each other's company and often talked during their break.

"Good morning Michael!" Erica smiled cheerfully....
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LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson's glimmering casket took center stage at the Staples Center, sitting for plus than two hours as célébrités memorialized the King of Pop under the watchful eyes of millions. And when the ceremony was over, it was gone.

By law, the golden casket that presumably held Jackson's body should be exactly where his death certificate says it is: back at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills cemetery, the site of a private family memorial service held before the Staples ceremony. Los Angeles County records montrer the cemetery as the temporary location, where it must stay...
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