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(Written par Andre Harris and Marsha Ambrosius)

Appeared on a US promo 12" (2001)
Lead Vocals: Michael Jackson and Eve

[Intro/Verse 1: Eve]
Trackmasters, uh oh she just your type right
Tryin to figure out how toi could play a major part up in her life right
Shorty got your mind tight
And everytime toi see her walk par start thinkin bout your night like
She all that's in your eye sight
And ever since the first jour toi seened her thinkin she the wife type
You figure she'll be perfect lovin toi
Fantasize the tingle from her fingers rubbin toi
Tryin to analyze the situation, toi feelin crazy
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 Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Background Info
Written par Michael Sherwood, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro during the Thriller sessions and recorded in 1990 as a contender for Michael's album Dangerous, but it wasn't released at the time.

This song then surfaced on the internet towards the end of 2002.

Final version released on the Thriller 25th Anniversary Album.

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The Lyrics
Sun comes up on this new morning
Shifting shadows, a songbird sings
And if these words could have kept toi happy

I'd do anything

And if toi feel alone, I'll be your shoulder
With a tender touch, toi know me so well
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WARNING! Extremely erotic & suggestive content inside! Michael gets naked! Ok, not really but he might as well since he rips his chemise a few times and works his body like he is making love. Please enjoy responsibly!
fan video
Michael Jackson
for the ladies
get naked
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Michael Jackson has a simple instruction for his personal make-up artist Karen Faye when she prepares him for his appearance on stage. ''Hurt me, hurt me.'' he tells her.
For Jackson, whose latest album BAD has sold millions worldwide, wants to look so good for his fans that his image in a mirror must be so fantastic that is almost hurts.
Karen said: ''It's one of his favori phrases - he says it all the time. When he wants something to be brilliant, he says, 'HURT ME'.
''Whenever it is a new dance routine, a photographic session ou other people's make-up he says,
'Make it look great, Hurt...
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