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It was a little after two when Michael woke up to see that him and Tatianna had fallen alseep on the canapé together while watching tv. Not waking Tatianna he slowly got up, covered her up with a blanket and headed off to his room to go to bed. Still the thoughts of having feelings for Tatianna ran through his mind, he managed to fall into a deep but restless sleep. As michael slept, he began to dream....a very awful dream........
Michael awoke to find that he was pouring rain and everything was dark. "Tatianna" Michael called as he made his way down the hallway, which seemed so much longer...
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posted by msmj2012
 Yummy and Sexy
Yummy and Sexy
Before they went their separate ways,Michael and Breanna exchanged phone numbers. He had to go to rehearsal because he was working a new song called "Dirty Diana." She went to the gym. When she got there, she began to take out all her aggression and frustrations on the punching bag. Why did seem like that she could never please her mother? Nothing that she did was good enough for Mrs. Davis and it had always been that way since she and Ayanna were kids.

Breanna and Ayanna were twins, but they were different as night and day. Ayanna was a little Miss Perfect, who rarely got into trouble a leader,...
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