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posted by All4loveMJ
I really hope this isnt offensive in anyway. It`s just saying the reasons why MJ got the surgurys so toi can tell people why and they will stop making fun of him cause i`d had enough. Thanks :)

Michael, as we all know, had many Plastic Surgurys in his life, and here are the reasons why...

-He hated his nose since he was 13.
-He broke his nose many times
-He did`nt want to look like his father
-He wanted to change him self

Thank you! And pass this on! <3


________________Change the World________________
 We l’amour toi Randy!
We love you Randy!
Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday after reporting chest pains and doctors believe he suffered a mild cœur, coeur attack, a source close to the family quoted doctors as saying.

The 48-year-old had spoken with his father, Joe Jackson, over the phone, the source told KABC Television, OnTheRedCarpet.com's parent company, adding that Randy Jackson was "joking and seemed okay".

He is undergoing tests, the source said. Randy Jackson is the youngest Jackson brother and was one of the members of the Jackson Five, as well as a solo artist. He wrote The Jacksons'...
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No sense pretending it´s over
Hard times just don´t go away
You gotta take that chip off your shoulder
it´s time toi open up
Have some faith

Nothing good ever comes easy
All good things come in due time
Yes it does
You gotta have something to believe in
I´m telling toi to open mind

Gotta put your cœur, coeur on the line
If toi wanna make it right
you´ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your cœur, coeur on the line
If toi wanna get it right
Gotta put it all on the line

You see yourself in the mirror
And toi don´t like what toi see
And things aren't getting much clearer
don´t toi think it´s time...
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Como la brisa
Tu voz me acaricia
y pregunto por ti

Cuando amanece
Tu amor aparece
y me hace feliz

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que nadie te querrá como yo

Tú me haces sentir
Deseos de vivir,
Junto a ti por siempre
Tu amor es mi suerte

Tu voz me llama
tú eres quien gana
en mi corazón

Porque me has dado
Algo sagrado
Con tu pasión

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que no puedo vivir sin tu amor

Y cuando no estás
no foins, hay felicidad
Mi vida no es vida
si tú te vas

Todo mi amor eres tú
Todo mi amor eres tú
[ Find plus Lyrics on link ]
Cuando no estás
no foins, hay quien me de lo que das tú

Pues todo mi amor eres tú

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I just wrote a song called ((A Place With No Name)).The inspiration and titre came to me par MJ's own ((A place with no name)).It's a slow and dramatic song.Lyrics are under.So after lire tell me what toi think even if it's BAD!!!
(This song is dedicated to Jill_17)

I look at this house with curisity,Something is making me stop,I look at the house,trying to know this place,trying to find out what these are.
But it seems that there's nothing to help me.
I look around this place,but there is no name
It's like a white horse with no name

(2 Times)And this place has no name either

(Chorus)(4 times)A...
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posted by bigmanguy
I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. The door opened and I quietly walked inside with my lawyer John behind me. Christian had fallen asleep on the canapé in the room and I knelt down in front of him. I whispered "hi Christian" in his ear and he barely opened his eyes. He rubbed his eyes because I don't think he believed it was me. I a dit "hi Christian" again as he sat up on the canapé and reached for me to grab him. I picked him up into my arms and hugged him as tight as I possibly could. I a dit "I missed toi so much!!!" He just looked at me and asked in broken English "you...
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posted by bigmanguy
The sun was just coming up when I was woken up par knocking on my front door. I got out of lit and went downstairs; before I even had gotten ready for the day. I walked up to the door and opened it to see my mother standing there. I yawned and a dit "good morning mother." She a dit "you're still in your pajamas." I rubbed my eyes and looked up at the clock on the mur as I a dit "it's only 6: 45." She a dit "I know Michael; it's probably better if toi leave before Christian wakes up." I gave her a hug and a dit "yeah you're probably right; I'll go get dressed right now."

After I had gotten ready,...
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posted by mj4ever202
MJHOAXEVIDENCE has posté a video on YouTube with some of the most incredible evidence we have seen. He posté screenshots of what he claims to be the official Jackson Twitter account with tweets about Michael coming back in June !!!!!! Oddly, The June come-back is also mentioned in one of the sightings reported below from Michael's personal psychic.Wow! What do toi think? I don't know what I think.Be sure to check the video out.If toi can't find it I'll post it.Ok. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

posted by bigmanguy
I was woken up par knocking on the front door of my house. I rolled over in the lit and noticed a police officer standing outside. I got out of lit and quickly made my way downstairs. I opened up the door and a dit "hello officer." He passed me an envelope and a dit "I was asked to hand deliver this to toi sir." I thanked him as I shut the door and walked into the kitchen. I sat at the cuisine table, tableau and opened the orange envelope. I slowly pulled out a piece of paper that read "custody trial; location Londres England" across the top. I read the fine print and basically what this piece of paper...
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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
 "Can toi come here?" Michael paused and then reentered his bedroom.
"Can you come here?" Michael paused and then reentered his bedroom.
"Michael?" he heard his name called through the doors.

"What is it?"

"Can toi come here?" Michael paused and then reentered his bedroom.

The sight that hit him was a dream. Stray candles all around his room had been lit, his patio doors had been opened letting in the fresh storm air, and there, in the middle of his own bed, was his biggest and darkest fantasy. Mark's masculine figure was lying, bare, with his sparkly comforter pulled just high enough to make Michael's head spin.

"Mark...," Michael whispered. Mark looked back at him with such eyes. Michael knew what he wanted now for sure; it was...
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 imagine it being red :)
imagine it being red :)
While Rebecca was walking, she was listening to Privacy on her mp3 player. She was wondering who was picking her up at the theater...and who she was talking to on twitter. She still didn't bother to check the person's profile. She was so into the song, she sang out a bit.
"Ain’t the pictures enough
Why do toi go through so much
To get the stories toi need
So toi can bury me
You got the people confused
You tell the stories toi choose
You try to get me to lose
The man I really am

You keep on stalking me
Invading my privacy
Won’t toi just let me be
Cause your cameras can’t control
The minds of those...
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 This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
This is how Michael "should've" evolved.
Our sin, is in the fact that we only saw ou wanted to see what "we" created -a persona, and not, a "person". Michael Jackson was a pure, gifted, and deeply caring MAN who, at the end of the day.. had certain "ailments"..."feelings"..."hopes"...and need for "love" (just like the rest of us). HOW DARE WE JUDGE HIM.

I am a black female, 37, and loyal Michael Jackson fan who's 'heartbroken'. Just "sick" with emotion and disbelief over what appears to be the most evident TRUTH regarding "who" MJ was.

We can't allow this secret to stay undisclosed. For "MICHAEL", we have to set the record straight...
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Michael Jackson is a Legend, and how people could think he would ever abuse children I don't know. He's the best dancer in the world, and singer. When he became famous he didn't become vain, he gave plus than any other person in the world I know. He even made songs for charities, and songs to make people think about how much they do themselves. Songs such as: The Earth Song, heal the world, etc . . . Why would a man that gave soooo much to children, suddenly change and abuse them? Well the answer to that is, it's not possible, not for such a great man like Michael Jackson anyway. He gave us...
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posted by Michael1Jackson
I l’amour Michael. Not for his stardom(ok maybe) but for his amazing voice his moves, like water. I don't know why so many people hate him. I don't know why they sent him to jail. I don't know why.... ALL toi MJ FANS, keep up the work. I HAVE BEEN A MJ fan FOR 12 years, It won't and I mean WON'T stop. I am happy he was on Earth for so many years. Michael, Rest in Peace, one day, toi will come back.

Michael was on the phone with Micki “You wanna do it tonight?.....Sure, I can do it but it was just that toi a dit toi wanted to do it Saturday night......Oh, toi get off early....Okay, I'll pick toi up at 8." Michael hung up and grinned from ear to ear “What happened?" I asked as he smiled and replied “She a dit tonight is good." I jumped up and whooped while Michael laughed and Prince chuckled. I sat back down and that's when he started covering his mouth “No! Not now, not now!" He begged as he sped walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. But no reflection “Dammit!" Michael...
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Within the suivant hour, Michael sat closer to me and took a sniff of my neck “Are toi wearing perfume?" Michael asked as I nodded yes “It smells nice. cerise blossom?" Michael rubbed his nose on my neck “Yes. Michael um..." my voice trailed off and he looked up at me “I'm sorry. I just wanted to smell your fragrance." Michael a dit as he took one plus sniff and moaned. Now I wanted to know what the hell was going on “Michael are you..." Michael gave me a scary look on his face “What?" His eyes flashed or again and I got up and walked over to him, I looked into his eyes and held...
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It was 2:00 in the morning, I was lying down suivant to Prince when the phone rang “Hello?" I groaned as a soft voice whispered “Hey, Lilly. Did I wake you?" Michael worried as I sat up “Oh no, what's wrong? Do I need to come over?" I worried as he chuckled. Michael was my best friend in the whole world, we told each other alot of secrets. But I always thought Michael had a secret he just didn't want to tell me “No, Lilly. I just wanted someone to talk to. That's all. Is Prince sleep?" Michael a dit as I whispered “Yeah, he is so cute." Michael chuckled “Oh God. Lilly, we all know...
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posted by mjkingofpop1
Michael was holding Janelle close to him, running his hand up and down her back, trying to calm her down. Janelle had her face buried into his shoulder and she was still shaking. She was literally frightened par what Wesley did to her...well...almost did to her. Michael never thought that Wesley would do such a thing.
'I hope Martin is talking to him about that...that is just wrong and inappropriate, especially if he didn't know about what happened to Janelle when she was 16.' He thought.
He leaned back against the mur and pulled Janelle closer to him, putting her between his legs and putting...
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 Practicing for the tour
Practicing for the tour
The suivant morning, we were at the Yokohama stadium practicing for the montrer coming up in a few days. Jessie was sitting in the seats, watching me perform with the dancers. She gave me a thumbs as I laughed while I sung. We were at the dance routine of the song and Jessie cheered me on. Everyone was, really. I smiled as I glided back to the microphone stand and sung the rest of 'Wanna be starting something.' then finished it off with our poses. The rest of the practicing was great! There was a lot of energy and spark in the whole performance. We practiced until 10 o'clock that night. We all left...
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We were on the set of 'The way toi make me feel' and Jessie was watching while I glanced “She looks pretty pissed, Mike. What did toi do?" The director a dit as I watched once plus “Nothing. Just a disagreement between me and her." I a dit as Jessie talked with the dancers. They were laughing and carrying on until one of them pinched her butt. Jessie pushed him, that's when he did it again “Stop, man!" Jessie demanded as I walked up to the guy “Hey, man what's your problem? Stop touching her." I a dit as he laughed “I can do whatever I want." He a dit as he reached to touch her again,...
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