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posted by cherl12345
"You're a good man, Michael, and I can see that", Maris replied, "and you've been so good to me these past few week, and most off all, you're man an amazing guy". "Thank you", Michael replied, "and toi are a very special lady in my life and I want toi to that I'm not going anywhere, nor break your heart; furthermore, I'm going l’amour toi the best that I possibly can as long as toi want me to". As they looked into each other's eyes, Maris kissed Michael passionately on the lips and pulled him close her as they went made l’amour again.

"You're so beautiful", Michael replied, "don't speak just kiss...
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About a week goes par and michael has pretty much forgotten all about that horriable Nighmare he had. Everything seems to be going oka, but as the days go par wierd things begian happening. The occurances are nothing major just things randomly happening without explaination.

Diane is at accueil par herself washing dishes. Suddenly she hears what sounds like sccurying in the dinning room. "Michael, girls are toi there?" Diane called thinking michael and the girls came in the side door for whatever reason. When she walked into the Dinning room the door that led outside to the pato was slightly ajar....
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A mois has passed since the wedding and the honeymoon. Unfortunately one week after they came back from their honeymoon houx got the flu terribly which she is still trying to get over. Other then that Michael and houx have been blissfully happy with each other.

One evening the whole family is having dîner together in the dinning room. houx hasn't felt good all day. When the maid serves the main course, just looking at it is making her sick. Michael looks over at her and knows something is wrong. "'Holl' are toi alright?" "Uh yea its just my stomach dosen't feel to well that's all." Katherine...
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I woke up 2 hours later, unable to sleep anymore.
'Why the heck am I unable to sleep?' I thought.
I sighed and sat up, wondering what to do. Then I thought it would be best to go for a little walk. I changed and put on a manteau and exited the house through my window. I got down the drain pipe and started on my walk.
After About 30 Minutes
I passed par Hayvenhurst, Michael's old accueil and I could have sworn someone was looking at me from the seconde story window. I put my capuche, hotte up and continued walking, being a bit paranoid.
"Who could that have been?" I whispered to myself, still slightly scared.
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Diane was onset fixing another camera when michael came storming onset. "Hey mj hows the new baby?" a fellow co étoile, star asked. Michael a dit nothing as he stormed into the set louge and slammed the door. Diane instantly knew what was wrong. Looking around making sure no one was looking, when the ghost was clear diane made her way to the louge and walked in. Michael was sitting on the canapé with his face in his hands. "The baby wasn't yours was it?" Diane asked, already knowing the answer. Michael just nodded. "Im so sorry michael...i know how much toi wanted to be a father." Diane a dit as she sat...
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posted by asya10wooten
 michael upset since he found out jonna kissed j.cole
michael upset since he found out jonna kissed j.cole
michael pov
i went back downstairs while jonna splet i was really worried about her seeing j.cole i knew i killed him 7 months il y a im not stupid and toi burn down the place how is that possbile but what ever the man is dead so no need to worry
for me and jonna life now soon will be married and soon enough my mother will help buy a house for me and my mom so me and jonna and the kids can be together.


me and mihcael want something to be dangerous and also decent so everything will go ok.in my mind all i could think about was j.cole i knew what...
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posted by MJISALIVE
Its dîner time and tonight its my favorite! Spaghetti!! then with my favori dessert Ice Cream!! "Thanks for the dîner and dessert Mom" I say "Your welcome sweetie" just then the doorbell rang "I got it!" I say. It was my lil brother coming back from a sleep over at his friend, Bobby's house "Hey!" i say hugging him "Did toi have fun at Bobby's?" "Yeah I did! it was so fun!!" "Im glad! Mommy made spaghetti for dinner" "Spaghetti?! Where?!" he asks running into the kitchen. I laugh then walk into my room again. "Only three plus days until my birthday....man I cant wait!" I say to myself..I...
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Michael shallowed hard he really didnt want to turn around. But he forced himself to anyway. When he turned around he saw his ex fiance Rose. "H...hey...rose." Michael shruggled to say. "Hey michael it's so nice to see toi how have toi been?" Rose asked "Um...fine...how about you?" Michael said. "Im great....ive been really busy at work though but ive learn to manage...so what brings toi to the bowling alley?" Rose asked. "I'm here with a...um friend." Michael replied. "Ah i see...hey michael i was wondering...would toi like to hang out sometime?" Rose asked. Michael was caught par surprise...
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"This cannot be happening." Michael a dit as he jumped out of lit and began to put his clothes on. "Why the rush michael? why not just stay a little while longer?" Jenna asked. "No im getting the fuck out of here!" Michael exclaimed as he began to button up his shirt. "Well toi sure as hell were'nt saying that last night." Jenna a dit coldy as she sat up in bed. "Thats what toi think." Michael a dit as he grabbed his veste and began to make his way to the door. "Hey michael whats your wife diane going to think when she hears toi slept with me." Jenna a dit sarcasticly. "She aint going to say anything...
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posted by koolkat-1994
What happen to the l’amour Michael sent us.Why do we hate each other.Every time i watch a YouTube Video ou go anywhere i see fans fighting at each other and treating each other like enemies.i thought we were a Family.Family like Michael would want us to be we are his children.we are brothers and sisters.We need to l’amour each other like we used to.We need to be together as one and stick up for Michael.Have faith in each other and yourself as well.Now i want u to go back and think about wat caused all of this.Michael would be disappointed at us.The fan u were fighting with i want u to turn to them...
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 what he wore that jour
what he wore that day
A few hours later
Michael woke up and looked at Aislinn, asleep on his lap. He put his hand on her head and moved her hair out of her face. She opened her eyes to look at him. "Hey, love." He a dit to her. She giggled at him. "Hey, applehead." She said, while she was giggling. Michael chuckled and shook his head. "Ok, my cousins really need to stop hanging around you. You're getting addicted to calling me 'applehead'." "But I l’amour that nickname. When I read in Moonwalk that toi always stood on an pomme caisse to reach the microphone, that's what I thought they got the idea from." Michael chuckled....
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posted by yoyojackson
 Jo (Ariana Grande)
Jo (Ariana Grande)
When Michael was 18, he went down to Gary, Indiana. Of course there was screaming fans, but he went there to relax, and make friends. Michael went to his house. When he got there, he saw his dad Joesph. "There toi are. I missed you." Joesph said. "Really?" Michael asked. "No, toi know I'll never miss you." Joesph a dit and cracked himself up.
"Why are toi here?" Joesph asked.
"I just wanna break." Michael explained. Kathrine came in. "Michael! I missed toi so much." Kathrine a dit and hugged Michael. "At least someone missed me." Michael muttered. "Huh?" Joesph said. "Nothing." Michael a dit and...
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 MJ- The Undisputed King of Pop
MJ- The Undisputed King of Pop
MTV who benefitted tremendously from MJ's talent, superstardom, and ground-breaking vidéos attempts to disrespect the KING with their salacious reporting. I found this article on MTV.com and the article was written par Gil Kaufman. But I will also share with toi a commentaire left par an intelligent lady who read between the lines and saw the disrespect. She also did what I recommend that we ALL do. WHEN THE HATERS CHOOSE TO LIE, CALL THEM OUT ON IT!!! Check this out and just read the salaciousness of the article and read between the lines. Okay, here we go!!!

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' has...
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posted by natasajackson
toi ever want something
that toi know toi shouldn't have
The plus toi know toi shouldn't have it,
The plus toi want it
And then one jour toi get it,
It's so good too
But it's just like my girl
When she's around me
I just feel so good, so good
But right now I just feel cold, so cold
Right down to my Bones
'Cause ooh...
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away

Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gone to stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no accueil
Anytime she goes away

I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, know, know, know, know,
I know, I know,
salut I ought to leave
I ought to leave her alone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Only darkness every jour
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no accueil
Anytime she goes away
posted by mrsmj2011
She tries to run away from him. But he pulls her back in. He mesmerizes and bewitches her with his eyes. She is putty in his hands and he knows it. He does not have to say anything to her. All he has to do is look at her and her knees get weak and she melts. She tries to fight her feelings for him, but she can't resist him. To see him smile again, she would fulfill his every desire. She feels like she is going crazy because she can't stop thinking about him. Every night he is the étoile, star of her dreams. She wants to be the lady in his life for all time. She knows now that she will never escape him because she has fallen in l’amour with Michael Jackson.
 Don't try to fight it. toi know that toi want me, girl
Don't try to fight it. You know that you want me, girl
posted by koolkat-1104
Michael, we remember and appreciate
as toi gave happiness to others ...

He did not like everything
He was alone in the whole wide world
He taught us to be kinder
He appealed to protect the planet.
Appreciate the love, doing good
contempt for revenge
forgave the insult, he loved life,
Preserved word of honor.
His eyes filled with deep
unearthly warmth
In his eyes concealed life
a hard life.
About him in the newspapers wrote
Just slander and lies
he wanted to humiliate,
What magazine did not take.
Michael is gone forever,
Nobody really does not return
He remained in the hearts
He's never in them will not die.
jour passes for the jour ...
I still want to find the answer:
Why do people appreciate
When they are no longer close?

I know Michael, your life is not in vain
toi just wanted to give children the happiness
toi tried to awaken within us human
You'll always be king of the 20 th century!
Michael Jackson may have called the aesthetic propofol his "milk," but rather than give him strength, it left him in such a vulnerable state that his urine was collected through a device for incontinent patients.

That was one view of Jackson's final days and the extreme measures he took in life to maintain his public image as a beautiful superstar, which were revealed in a six jour hearing into his death that ended earlier this week.

Other details were his wearing of a surgical casquette, cap while he slept to cover his balding scalp, and the numerous tubes of skin bleach cream he used to hide the disorder...
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To whom it may concern,

I am écriture to toi to inform your montrer of the wrongful decision its made to hire Diane Dimond onto your show, a woman that has been after Michael Jackson's blood for over 15 years, after he passed away on the 25th of June 2009. Straight after his death, Diane had brought up the molestation charges up on National télévision broadcast and continued to add plus fictional stories without proof. It pains me to say that the few times that she was on your show, toi Lost a hundreds of your viewers each time. There are many Michael Jackson fans out there who have been disgusted...
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posted by mjrocks13
Thanks to all of the people of fanpop heres whatn we wrote:

When this old world gets toi down (Wings of my love)
Love is the answer to all (You are my life)
Please don't close the door to our future (I wanna be where toi are)
So make a better world, make a better world (Heal the world)

Winds of change are set to blow (Morning glow)
So tell me what we're waiting for (Hold my hand)
Planet Earth, my home, my place (Planet Earth)
I'll be your strength, I'll keep holding on (I'll be there) posté 5 days ago.

When l’amour is a frail
hope is not well
tears fall
and dreams are broken
can't toi see?

that earth...
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oneday i was walking in the rue ,on the morning,I walked with no hope,I felt lonely I didn't know where to go ou stay ,i Lost my way,all I did was pray and tears dropped like waterfall ,then I walked , walked and walked ,I found something like a small grass, I set down on ,put myhead on
my arms and cried , I spent days ,nights ,months in That Way , then oneday I felt myhand
wetting ,I looked at the sky, It was rainning ,so I left that place and walked in the street, It was so cold ,It made me stop moving and My body started to shever, My cœur, coeur was broken plus , plus and plus with no help ,no...
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