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Two weeks later, houx sits crossed legged and crossed armed in front of a large mahogany bureau as her lawyer John Branca looks over a new contract for houx to sign. He looks up at her and pulls out a pen from his pocket and pushes it vers l'avant, vers l’avant to her. “Now Holly, toi do realize that the following contract will dissolve any ties your mother has as your manager on the jour of your birthday.” houx sits up and looks down at the contract with a serious eye before looking back up at him. “John, I may be young, but I’m shrewd when it comes to what I want and what I want is this. Now, where...
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posted by YourBestofJoy37
Was Innocent ou Guilty: The FINAL Verdict
Complete Public Exoneration Way Overdue

It is sad how we've plummeted into a judgmental, tabloid addicted society that formulates weak opinions based on media fed hearsay and propaganda. One of the biggest victims of this media lynch mob was the late .
In addition to a corrupt media that fails to inform people with facts, we also have hordes of people who lack the intelligence, research, ou the proper resources to provide insight on highly publicized cases, but still take it upon themselves to spread fraudulent information on independent, amateur blog...
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suivant Morning...

Fancy's P.O.V.

In the dining room, we were eating crêpes while listening to some of Motown's greatest hits. Watching Michael eat reminded me of when we used to eat crêpes at my house back in Gary. I miss all the good times we had together...

( Flashback 1966)

Orlando, Florida

Michael and I were watching the waves cascade over the plage floor and flush away. The sun's warm rays pressed heat on our backs while the cotton like clouds hovered over our heads.

Our feet was deep in the golden brown sand while our hands were clutched together. Gary was nothing like Florida. This...
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posted by cherl12345
 Sitting On The Terrace Of His Palatial Estate
Sitting On The Terrace Of His Palatial Estate
As they were enjoying the romantic evening and having the house all to themselves, Michael did something, which took Maris par surprise, par of taking a piece of chicken and placing it in her mouth in a sweet sexy seductive kind of manner. Maris ate the piece of chicken, and he just looked at her with those sexy seductive bedroom eyes. Things started to heat up again for the clandestine amoureux as they were enjoying their together; in addition, to dining on the take-out nourriture and key citron vert pie for dessert. "Would mind passing me that bucket of chicken", Michael asked, " would also pour another glass...
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when I finally drove off I couldn't get what just happened out of my mind, Michael loved me but knew I was in l’amour with Jackie I knew he could tell even though I told him that I did he knew it because I could tell par the look in his eyes he was upset that I didn't l’amour him back but I did I really did but I couldn't l’amour both.
As soon as I got accueil and walked though the door I frowned cause sar was packing her stuff back up.
"hey your not staying." I a dit getting all little upset that she was leaving so soon.
"My sister called me she wanted me to help her déplacer out tomorrow morning her and my mom...
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Christmas is suivant mois and I can't believe that this is the last holiday that AJ and I will celebrate as a family of two because my son Prince Michael will be born in February. Things seemed to be going well between me and my siblings for a while and then my brothers got back into the habit of asking me for money. I of course told them that I couldn't ou wouldn't give them any plus money and they are giving me the silent treatment. Once again, with Janet busy with her musique career the only one I can turn to is Latoya. She's been spending a lot of time at the ranch with AJ and I and we've been...
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posted by cherl12345
Maris could see where Michael was coming from in regards to their relationship, and she was quite taken aback par Michael's feelings towards her. "I don't know what to say," she replied as tears started to swell up her eyes, and before they knew it, both of them started to cry. "You really do l’amour me, don't you" she asked, "yes," Michael replied, "more than toi ever you". "How long have toi felt this about me," she asked, "I don't know where to start, baby, it was at the dîner party when I first saw you, and I wanted to get know toi as well. I knew I loved toi the moment our eyes met subsequent...
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michael always shared with many people that he didnt have a childhood and how he never got to play with the neighborhood kids because he always had to practice ou record songs with his brothers and never have a chance to meet new Friends of his own he always had to hang with his brothers because of course they were a band but michael always wanted to just be a kid sometimes and have some fun

this is from something that i read about that broke my cœur, coeur

michael has shared this with a close friend of his that he felt like a orphan because he wasnt hardly accueil with the rest of his family he always...
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posted by Fashionista101
The Man who made HIStory

He was once a small-time boy

with big musical promise and big voice

got him to be one of the biggest entertainers ever.

He has the cœur, coeur the size of Russia,

the musique gift of Apollo,

the wisdom of an African elephant,

and the grace and beauty of a swan.

He stunned the world with his timeless, classic works of art.

He fought through his darkest times,

from the difficult times that he had as a child

to the false accusations he was innocent.

Despite that, he remained tough

He was only child-like, not childish.

He shocked the world when he left us and this earth

He may be gone, but we will never forget you.
posted by mjkingofpop1
4 days have passed and Janelle was still rehearsing. In 3 days, she'll be at the Motown Studios, auditioning for the Bad short film. She was nervous and at the same time, excited. She was perfecting it in all ways possible and needed to portray a shy girl from Korea. During the time she was taking breaks from rehearsing for the audition, she was écriture Michael a thank toi note. She really wanted to thank him properly for the card and the present, but she felt that a direct approach would be too public for her. Whenever she'd reread over the note, she would have to rewrite it because of spelling...
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posted by mjkingofpop1
Returning To The Mansion
Katie parked the car when she got through the gates and got out with Janelle and helped get the bags from the tronc of the car. Katie went up to the front door and opened it to see that the hallway leading to Janelle's room was not decorated, so it didn't give away that she was getting a surprise party. She led Janelle to her bedroom and once they got in, they sat the stuff down.
"Okay, Janelle...pick out what you're gonna wear." Katie said.
"Um...okay?" Janelle said, a bit confused.
She got two of the bags on the lit and took the items out and spread them out on the bed....
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Janet Jackson's lawyer is defending her regarding a rapporter claiming that the Estate of Michael Jackson filed documents in the probate court requesting that the estate be permitted to "foot a portion of the bill on Janet's mortgage on her posh Las Vegas condo."According to her lawyer Blair Brown, Janet's Las Vegas home, which is not a condo, has never even had a mortgage, and she purchased the accueil outright 10 years il y a for her mother Katherine Jackson's use. Furthermore, Janet has "provided financial support unconditionally to her mother before and after Michael's death and will continue to...
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michelle askes michael if they could take a walk around neverland for a little while after the movie michael says sure of course after the movie was over michael and michelle took a walk around neverland and they started to talk about there favori things and hobbies that they have michael told her and showed her his favori rides around neverland and funny stories that happend on each ride michelle told michael that she's liked him and loved for as long as she's been a fan of him michael told michelle that he knew he found l’amour when he first saw her he saw butterflys and hearts when he saw...
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posted by House34
I wanted to write a few words..because I miss him and I have no one to talk to..I don't know..he was so wonderful..I don't need a reason to write a few words about Michael, right? :) I feel like sharing some meaningless words with his fans..

I miss him so much..

It's been so long...and I still listen to his songs :) I still buy his albums, I still look at pictures with him every jour :)

Did toi guys see how big Paris is now ? Wow..I'm so happy for her..she's talking to the media, she's strong and ..She's beautiful, she is so nice :) Right?

I sometimes think of him and I picture him in different moods..now if I close my eyes I see him smiling :) his beautiful smile..

How do toi guys feel? What song are toi listening a looot lately ? I've been listening a lot to Hollywood tonight and Man in the mirror :)

posted by MJlover101
After they left Harrods, Michael told Bill to stop par KFC so they could get something to eat. Michael ordered a bucket with six pieces of chicken and two packets of chips for him and Rosabel to share. They ate everything on the journey back to hotel. When they were back in the hotel room, the two of them started packing immediately. Rosabel packed all the things she had bought at Harrods in the rose suitcase she had also bought, while Michael cleared his wardrobe and drawers and packed everything in his red suitcase. Michael had already bought the plane tickets to California and they were to...
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posted by natasajackson
She dances in the sheets at night
She dances to his needs
She dances ’til he feels just right
Until he falls asleep
She dances at the crack of dawn
And quickly cooks his food
She can’t be late, can’t take too long
The kids must get to school
[Chorus: (2x)]
She’s a slave to the rhythm
She’s a slave to the rhythm of
She’s a slave to the rhythm
She’s a slave to the rhythm of
The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
She dances for the man at work
Who works her all the time
She dances so, and she says so
“I must be accueil tonight”
She dances to the cuisine stove
dîner is served par nine
She says this nourriture is the power
She must be out her mind…
She works so hard, just to make her way
For a man who just don’t appreciate
And don’t know it takes
And was all in vain

She danced the night
That they fell out
She swore she’d dance no more
But then she did, she did not quit
And she ran out the door
Lloyd's of Londres has gone to court ... asking a judge to let the company off the financial hook, claiming it doesn't owe the Michael Jackson Estate $17.5 million on grounds MJ was a fraud.

The company issued the muilti-million dollar policy to cover the doomed "This Is It" tour for losses.

But Lloyd's claims it doesn't have to honor the policy for 2 primary reasons:

1. Michael Jackson and AEG allegedly lied about Michael's medical history -- specifically, MJ a dit he had not seen a doctor other than a cosmetic MD since June, 2005.

2. Michael did not disclose he was taking prescription drugs prior to and at the time of his death -- including Propofol.

Lloyd's is asking the court for a declaration that the policy is null and void as a result of the alleged fraud.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ, "This legal action is nothing plus than an insurance company trying to avoid paying a legitimate claim par the insured."
Certain items found in the room where Michael Jackson died could help shape Dr. Conrad Murray's defense -- namely, that other docs were medicating Michael.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... evidence in the room suggests certain potent drugs were "prescribed and prepared" for MJ to self-medicate.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray's team will not challenge the L.A. County Coroner's finding that Jackson died of a massive Propofol overdose. But as we told you, Murray's team will present evidence in the doc's manslaughter case that Michael awakened, then gave himself the fatal dose of Propofol when Murray left the room.

We're told Murray's team hasn't decided if it will use the evidence found in the room to implicate other doctors in Jackson's death. But we do know Murray's legal team will present evidence during the trial that the fruits of Jackson's notorious doctor shopping over two decades wore his body down.

The rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer refused comment.
posted by 2468244
Nation to nation
All the world
Must come together
Face the problems
That we see
Then maybe somehow we can
Work it out
I asked my neighbor
For a favor
She a dit later
What has come of
All the people
Have we Lost love
Of what it's about

I have to find my peace cuz
No one seems to let me be
False prophets cry of doom
What are the possibilies
I told my brother
There'll be problem
Times and tears for fears
We must live each day
Like it's the last

Go with it
Go with it
It ain't too much stuff
It ain't too much
It ain't too much for me to
It ain't
It ain't too much stuff
It ain't
Don't you
It ain't too much for me

The world...
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A sketch caused shock in the rapporter of the coroner for the death of Michael Jackson, and shows the terrible price we have on the body of drug abuse. Against the doctor par Dr Conrad Murray charged formally with manslaughter.

Signs of injections in the neck, arms and legs, evidence of addiction singer, detailed forensic rapporter on his death. Revealed that even the 'little' hair of Jackson 'associated with wig. In front of the skull, to the point where they grow their hair, had been tattooed with dark ink for not montrer the baldness over his forehead. tatouages have also done the eyebrows and the...
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