The booming sounds of rhythmic beats pound in Westlake Studio A as houx sits at the mixing board. Her long hair pulled back in a ponytail as the fans are on full blast to beat out the hot Californian summer heat wave of 1979. Even in her marguerite, daisy duke shorts and tank top, she can still feel her skin sticking to the vinyl chair. As the beats go she sits with paper in front of her and writes corresponding lyrics that come to her, sometimes humming, others chant out loud. The time in her studio was her saving grace lately; especially her and Michael haven’t been as close lately, not par Michael’s doing. After the premiere houx watched how Michael looked at Diana that told one simple fact – he loved her, plain and simple. He could never l’amour her like that even if he did. That whole night had put a acide, sure taste in her mouth and made her recoil from him even when he would call her every night to talk to her ou invite her over to watch a movie. Michael was right; nothing would ever be the same between them ever again.

houx closes her eyes and puts on the headphones to play the beat back ignoring her surroundings. “Holly!” Michael announces as he opens the studio door, searching for houx and sees her sitting at the mixing board with headphones on her ears, oblivious. Slowly, he walks over to her and places a hand on her shoulder making her shriek and jump up from the chair. As she turns around she sees Michael standing there laughing. “It’s not funny,” she frowns putting the headphones down on the console. “A little bit though, toi jumped like two feet,” Michael says between chuckles as he pulls up a chair beside her. “What do toi need, Michael?” “Well I came here to see if toi wanted to come over to my new place?” “New place? Aren’t toi living with your parents anymore?” “I am but I just bought the house from Joseph – long story. But I decided I’m going to tear it down and rebuild it so I needed an apartment, alone.” houx looks at him with a sassy look, “you and I alone in an apartment of yours, isn’t that your biggest nightmare, what if someone should see us?” houx rolls her eyes turning a few dials. Michael knows her sarcasm and looks down at the floor with a comeback. “I see that toi are still upset with me.” “I’m not upset, I just know my place,” houx mumbles. “What place? toi know you’re still my special girl.” houx looks over at him with a smirk, “Not as special as Diana.” Michael’s head snaps back, “Holly, Diana and I are just friends! She’s been there since jour one of my career.” She shakes her head at his words, “I saw how toi looked at her at the premiere, believe me she may be Friends with you, but toi l’amour her.” “Alright, maybe I had chiot l’amour for her back in the day, but I was young, I know she could never be mine.” “Just like me too,” houx remarks just before grabbing some recording tape from the cabinet.

“That’s not fair, Holly. toi know I - “ He stops himself before blurting something out. He knows what he feels for her but he can’t seem to tell her about them because once he does Michael knows he’ll never be able to stop. houx turns around, “Come on and finish that sentence. What’s the excuse this time? Am I too blonde? Too curvy?” “No, Holly, toi are perfect. toi know I’m not assertive par nature so this is difficult for me to do.” “Then you’ll never get anywhere in this world if toi aren’t assertive, Michael. I know what I want in this world and I’m not afraid to say it.” With her back turned to him he glances at her backside and admires how curvy it is for the first time he feel something radically different inside him - desire and it intimidates him. He looks away and gulps hard to restraining this feeling that is welling deep inside of him. “You’re wrong Holly, I know what I want.” houx turns around in exasperation. “What! What do toi want, Michael. Just tell me.” He looks at her deadpan, “I want you.” Finally, those three little words that have been unspoken between them for months have finally been said. Inside, Holly’s cœur, coeur feels like it is going to bust in happiness but paranoia suddenly sets in for her. “Are toi mocking me?” Michael stands up and walks over to her where he sees the anxiety plastered over her features. “Of course not, Holly, but know our situation.” “What situation? I don’t see one, and if there is it’s because toi put it there. I’m not going to be ashamed for the way I feel about toi even if you’re too scared to admit yours. Until then – if ever, I have nothing else to say to you.” She turns her back on him, which is what hits Michael harder turning her back on him. Something deep inside him aches with pain at the prospect of losing her. Never in his life has he ever had a girl – woman who has infuriated him yet wanted plus in his life. Yes, he can admit that he wants her but what would be the repercussions if he acted upon it? Michael wasn’t about to jeopardize his ou her reputation.

“Look at me, Holly.” She keeps her back turned to him, her butt sticking out extra to give him the big ‘kiss my ass’ tone. Looking at different cassettes to keep her beats she suddenly feels his hands curl around the sides of her waist. Her breathing stills, falters, and hitches at the touch, this is the first time Michael touched her in a romantic fashion and it excites her. For so long she has fantasized about his touch, what it would feel like and now the moment is here giving a tingle up her spine making her eyes close and her mouth slack. She can hear his breathing in her left ear, it sounds irregular too making her wonder if he is feeling the same way too. “Holly, please listen to me,” Michael whispers making the words tickle the back of her ear. He grips her side’s tighter feeling her muscles contract and tighten under his grasp. Michael can feel his cœur, coeur skipping a beat as he inhales her sweet and alluring perfume. He closes his eyes momentarily to try and composer himself and his raging emotions. Without thought he presses his chest to her back sensing the curve of her spine and band of her bra, her chest heaving. “Why do toi do this to me?” houx whispers as she drinks in the rarity of his touch. “Do what?” He murmurs back whiffing her hair that smells like of strawberries and cream it makes his mouth instantly water. “You push me away then make me want toi plus par doing this.” Every fiber in his being is railing against himself as he tries to stop this overwhelming desire for her that makes him feel like a red-hot-blooded man.

“I…I don’t mean to, but sometimes toi drive me crazy in every sense of the word,” Michael admits skimming the sides of her body up, and down. Holly’s curves are sharp like a perfect hourglass as his fingertips lightly touch them making oie bumps appear on her skin. “That’s because toi piss me off,” she spats out grabbing his hand on her sides before she turns around to face him. Dilated eyes to dilated eyes they chercher the others trying to figure out their suivant move. “A young girl shouldn’t use words like that,” Michael remarks moving her hands up to his lips. She snatches them away from him, “And that is where the problem lies. toi will always see me as a little girl.” “No I don’t Holly, stop getting so defensive over everything I say to you.” A deep part of herself wants to see Michael riled up and to test her limits and boundaries of how far she can push his buttons to see what would occur if she did. “I’m not getting defensive, I’m just tired of toi stringing me along. All toi do is treat me like a child and I’m tired of it. It’s now ou never, Michael.” Michael can feel his face and ears getting warmer, “I don’t like ultimatums, Holly.” “And I don’t like indecisive men, Michael.” This is the first time she has ever lipped off to Michael and he is quite taken back. Nobody has challenged him like this before and he likes it a little bit, at this very moment he can see no plus of a little girl, but a woman challenging him for something more. “So this is the way its gonna be from now on between us?” houx shrugs casually, “I guess so. toi obviously can’t commit to something, and I am tired of waiting for you.” She moves away from him and sits the tapes down on the mixing board before heading towards the door.

A constricting feeling is forming around Michael’s throat. He can’t let her go – not now, if he lets her walk out that door it will be over. “Holly, please don’t leave me. If toi leave me, I have nothing left to make me happy. Please come to my apartment tonight, I’ll cook and we can watch a movie like the good old days.” He reaches out his hand to her wanting her to take it. She looks back at him and shakes her head with a scoff, “you never cooked for me.” “Well I’ll cook for toi now, please don’t give up on me…on us.” Tears well up in her eyes at his words. No, she can’t give up on him it would destroy her. She dries her tears away with her fingers before looking back at him. “What time?” Michael can feel his cœur, coeur lighten at the words, “Around seven.” “Fine. I’ll be there.” “Promise?” “I promise,” houx remarks.

Later that evening houx is getting ready and hears the doorbell ring as she puts on her jean jacket. “Who’s that?” She can hear her mom shout from her office. “I don’t know yet mom, I’m not clairvoyant. I’m also heading out,” houx remarks as she walks past it with her bourse, sac à main in hand. “Maybe toi can return that serpents tongue of yours while you’re out,” her mom snaps back as houx bounds down the oak stairs past her father, brother, and sister in the living room listening to Family Feud. Opening the door she finds Bill standing there with his usual fedora and tired face. Michael’s bodyguard and her have always gotten along because she (like Michael) likes to tease him. They can banter for hours if they wanted to and for some odd reason she feels strangely at accueil with him. “Hi, Holly,” he gives her smile. “Hey Bill, is something wrong?” “No, everything is fine. Mike wanted me to drive with toi over to his new place since it’s in a new neighborhood.” As houx closes the front door she raises an eyebrow, twirling her keys on her finger. “He doesn’t trust my driving does he?” “Not a chance,” Bill remarks getting in the passenger siège of Holly’s new red Mustang. “I don’t know how he can commentaire on my driving when he doesn’t even drive,” houx retorts putting the key in the engine hearing it purr. It makes houx giddy with the notion of freedom. “Now what is the first thing we do in the car, Holly?” She rolls her eyes, “We put on our seatbelts.” “Good, and what’s the seconde thing we do?” “We check our mirrors.” “Excellent. And what is the third thing we do?” houx smiles, “We floor it.” “Holly!” She cracks up with laughter. “I’m kidding! We undo the parking brake.” “Very good. Now, place your hands at ten and two on the steerin’ wheel and put the car in drive.” “You know Bill I have driven before.” “Not with me toi haven’t, and after you’re done with me you’ll see why Mike doesn’t drive.” As houx looks both ways and turns onto the road she giggles, “A real side passenger critique, huh?” Bill scoffs, “If only. Turn right onto érable rue after this suivant light.” As they sit at the traffic light houx can see a crowd gathering at the rue corner pointing and cheering at her in the dusk of the Californian sun. She smiles and waves to them silently praying the light turns green before they come over to her. As it does and she sees the fans growing smaller in the distance she sighs with relief.

“That’s another reason why Michael doesn’t drive,” Bill murmurs as she turns right onto érable Street. “What do toi mean?” “Back there, the pointing and cheering, it all makes him anxious, and with someone in his profession, he can’t afford a car accident. Turn left onto Compass rue here.” “I wish we were just like regular people with a regular life who didn’t have to deal with these issues,” houx remarks as she turns onto the street. On this particular street, it looks bleak with tents set up on the sidewalk and feu pits going. houx slows down slightly to observe the scene of people in tattered clothing and dirty faces. “What’s going on there, Bill?” He looks solemnly out the window, “Life, Holly, unfortunately, this is real life. Let this be a life lesson for toi suivant time toi complain of wantin’ to be like a regular person. At this stop sign go straight, it will take toi to Mulberry Street.” The sight of those unfortunate people could not quickly go out of Holly’s mind. Bill was right; she had no right to complain. She didn’t know what hunger felt like, ou where she was going to sleep next. The thought makes her feel ashamed at the way she had been behaving recently.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful,” houx remarks as they pass an endless array of houses. Bill looks over at her and gives her a kind smile. “I know, Holly. You’re a good girl, and I know that with this profession your life is not your own. But I see Mike in you; if toi didn’t have performin’ your life would be empty. After this roundabout turn right onto Lager Avenue.” houx sighs at the observation. Bill is one hundred percent accurate, without performing and écriture musique she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Sometimes it made her feel inadequate that musique was all she was actually good at doing. “Ok, after this suivant stop sign toi want to make a right at the suivant apartment complex,” Bill, says waking her out of her thoughts.

As she pulls into the apartment complex she is surprised at the normalcy of the building of dark black glass and or trimming. It looks so inconspicuous that even she was amazed at the place. “Mike wants toi to pull into the parking garage that way your car won’t be seen from the road.” Driving up into the concrete parking garage and finding an empty spot houx realizes something for the first time. “Hey, Bill, why didn’t Michael come with you?” She unbuckles her siège ceinture and makes sure that her headlights are off. “Well he was cookin’ and didn’t want to leave the stove on.” As Bill opens to the door to get out houx grabs his arm to stop him. “Wait, toi mean he is actually cooking?” “Yeah.” “Real food?” “Yes.” “That can be consumed?” Bill shrugs, “Maybe not par humans, but somethin’ will be able to consume it. Now come on, he’s waiting for ya.” The thought of Michael standing over a cooking stove makes her want to chuckle. He is not a mechanical man and her only hope is that he doesn’t sound off the smoke detectors. But a part of her feels giddy at the notion that he is taking the time out to cook for him and her.

As the elevator doors slide open, houx can smell a faint aroma of nourriture in the air of the spacious apartment with the sound of boiling water on the stove. Bill ushers her in and laughs, “See and toi thought I was jokin’. Mike, we’re here!” Michael comes out of the cuisine with a dishcloth on his hands with a smile. “I see houx didn’t kill toi with her driving, Bill.” Bill looks at both of them and shakes his head jokingly, “I don’t know it was a little dicey back there, thought I’d have to take over the wheel.” He gives her a wink. houx puts her hands on her hips with a smile, “Now come on! I stopped for that old lady with a walker at the crosswalk!” Michael bellows over in laughter as Bill continues to shake his head with a smile. “Mike, I’ll be upstairs if toi two be needin’ anythin’.” As he makes his way to the stairs, houx looks at Michael with surprise. “Upstairs?” “Yeah, it’s a divisé, split level.” Michael walks up to her and a smile, placing his uncovered hand on her hip and gives her a Kiss on the cheek. houx can feel a blush covering her face. “I’m glad toi could make it,” he whispers. She looks at him with a smile plastered on her face with her cœur, coeur beating faster before looking down at his hand still covered in a dishcloth. “What did toi do?” She asks with concern taking it in her hand and unwrapping it to see red burn marks. Michael winces, “It’s nothing, just a little water splashed on me that’s all.” His eyes widen and he gallops back into the kitchen, “The food!” He shouts. She follows him into the cuisine to see the stove running full blast with boiling water seeping out onto the stovetop with a sizzle and sauce splattered everywhere. Michael frantically tries to turn the dials on the stove but his hand is hurting him.

“Here, let me,” houx says moving him out of the way turning the pots down on low making them settle down. She looks at the mess and smiles at him with a giggle coming out of her mouth. She covers her mouth with her hand to stop plus from coming out. “It’s not funny Holly,” Michael says with a dejected look. “You’re right, it’s not. I see you’ve taken a few wrong turns though.” “Like what?” “Well first off, toi got the spaghetti sauce on boiling, and the noodle water close to boiling with the noodles in it.” “I thought it would cook faster if I did it on boiling the entire time,” Michael murmurs looking down at his injured hand. houx gives him a knowing look, “First mistake in cooking, don’t rush your food. Now I’m going to turn these back up a little bit to have them finish cooking,” she says turning the dials to medium heat and stirring them lightly before turning back to Michael. “Now it’s your turn. Let me look at that hand of yours.” “Holly it’s fine!” Michael says pulling his hand away from her. She rolls her eyes. “Stop being such a baby. Where’s your butter?” Michael’s brow furrows at the question and points with his chin, “Over there.” She grabs it and brings it over to Michael leaning his backside to the counter. She unwraps his hand and examines it before dunking her fingers in the beurre dish. “Holly, have toi Lost your mind?” Michael asks as she rubs beurre on his burns making him grimace with discomfort. “I learned this in-home cooking class Mr. Skeptical,” she remarks softly stroking his hand with hers. Michael watches her intently, feeling his chest tighten at the close proximity of her caring for him. He can’t help but close eyes his and just feel. “Now I’m going to put your hand under some cool water,” houx says turning the faucet on behind him and testing it before bringing his hand with hers.

She slowly rubs the beurre off with her hands with the cool water montrer his hand. Michael can’t help but smile at how intently she is absorbed in the task. She turns off the water and pats his hand dry slowly not to irritate it. She looks up at him as she keeps drying it. “Does it feel any better?” Michael nods, “A little.” houx smiles and kisses his palm that is facing up towards her. It is a long and soft kiss, this is the first time that Michael has felt her lips on him. Shivers go down his spine. “There, you’re all better. Now, lets check out the nourriture situation,” houx remarks walking over to the stove and checking the nourriture with a stir. Michael feels off balance and slightly dizzy, the déplacer of hers was so small yet impactful. He never knew she would affect him like this. He looks over at her standing in front of the stove tasting the sauce with the spoon and grabs some spices from the spice rack on the counter and throwing a dash of something ou other into the sauce and mixing it around. She turns around with the spoon in her hand. “Take a bite of this.” He goes over and takes a bite of the sauce that has a wonderful flavor. He nods his head approvingly, “It’s really good, but it would be better with hot sauce on it.” She rolls her eyes, “Why do I even ask? Where’s your bowls?” “In that cabinet there.” Michael stands back and watches as she dishes out the nourriture and hands him a bowl of spaghetti. “Does Bill want any food?” “Nah, he grabbed something before he went and got you. It’s just toi and I.” “How scandalous,” houx jokes, following him into the dining room that is adjoining to the living room. She sees that the table, tableau is already set with two lit candles on the table. She looks at him in surprise making him laugh. “You a dit if I ever made my own record I would owe toi a date, and since Off the mur will be released in a few months I thought I better make good on my promise.” He sets down his nourriture before pulling out her chair where she sits down still in shock.

“I can’t believe toi remember that,” houx admits. “When it comes to you, I remember everything,” Michael adds sitting down at the table. They sit in silence for moments eating away. Even at this moment, houx cannot shake the memory of those poor disadvantaged people. “Bill and I saw a bunch of homeless people on the street,” houx blurts out in-between bites. Michael looks at her quizzically, “Really?” “Yeah, and it got me thinking of how it makes our lives look so simplistic in a sense. There are things that we don’t have to worry about while these people have to deal with everything. It’s put a few things in perspective for me,” houx adds looking down at her bowl of food. Silence evades the l’espace again. She looks up at him. “I think I want to start a foundation for them, I want…I want to help people. Maybe that will make me feel like my life has a purpose.” “Your life does have a purpose, Holly. But if toi want to start a foundation I think that’s a great idea.” “You do?” “Yeah, I can get a few contacts to toi on how to start it if you’d like.” “I would,” houx smiles and continues to eat.

This is the first time Michael is discovering the tender and giving nature of Holly. She always had a sweet and sensitive side, but to see her want to do good in the world makes him fall for her harder. As he looks over at her and sees her twirling her spaghetti around in the bowl he tries to find some way to tell her once and for all how he feels about her. He opens his mouth but quickly shuts it. He mentally tells himself that he needs to do it like ripping a Band-Aid off, but he can’t muster up enough courage. houx looks up at him, “You know, Michael, it’s also made me realize that I’ve been very trivial over this whole thing between toi and I, so what if we are never a couple? At least we will always be friends. Seeing those people tonight made me realize that my problems are very petty and I’m very sorry for things I’ve said. Can toi forgive me?” Michael is shocked that he can’t even say anything. He nods his head, yes to make her stop looking at him. He feels a crushing deep within his cœur, coeur like somebody has just punched him. He clutches his injured hand as it starts to throb. This was not how this night was supposed to go. He totally blew his chance, and now he can’t find a way to cercle around back to the topic.

The minutes tick away as both of them sit at the table, tableau eating their dinner; Michael has suddenly Lost his appetite and pushes his bowl of nourriture away while houx continues to eat on. Looking around the room Michael schemes to find some way for them to be closer together, suddenly he sees a calendar hanging on the mur and an idea pops into his head. “You know Jaws 2 just released yesterday,” Michael remarks looking at her as she dabs her mouth with ease. “Oh yeah, I saw the films had it playing.” “What if I told toi I have it on VHS?” She looks at him with a smirk, “you and your connections.” “You wanna watch it?” houx shrugs, “Sure, should we clean up first?” “Nah leave it.” As Michael grabs the VHS from the haut, retour au début of the télévision houx sits down on the canapé waiting for him to start it. The thought of sitting suivant to Michael so close again makes her nervous with anticipation. Michael turns the lights off as the movie starts. “Is it too dark for you?” Michael asks as he sits down beside her so close that their legs touch. “You two okay down there?” Bill shouts from upstairs as he notices the sudden change in light from downstairs. Michael rolls his eyes, “Yes, Bill everything is fine. We just put on a movie.” “Did toi ask him to stay here while we hung out?” Michael looks at her in the dark with only the reflection from the télévision illuminating the side of her face. “I didn’t trust myself alone with you.”

Halfway through the movie of sudden plot twists and action-packed scenes houx can feel herself growing tired. Michael is thoroughly engrossed in the movie wishing he could just lie on the plage among others and enjoy the day, except for the whole man-eating requin thing. Unexpectedly, he feels something pressed against his arm. He looks over and sees houx pressing her head on haut, retour au début of his shoulder, curled up on the canapé dozing off. He can’t help but smile at the sight and grab her hand that is lying casually on his leg. She stirs but keeps her eyes closed. The movie goes on and on with houx silently sleeping making it difficult for Michael to focus solely on the movie. The room feels peaceful despite the movie playing in the background with the LA skyline lit up in his opened balcony windows. To Michael, this is the first time he has felt calm tranquility off stage, especially with someone else. As the movie ends and the credits start playing houx stirs again, this time waking up in a daze. She looks up at Michael with tired eyes.

Neither one says a word except look at the other brown eyes to blue ones with content looks on their faces. houx nuzzles his soft t-shirt before looking back at him. Michael licks his lips grabbing her hand tighter. houx suddenly nudges closer to him with Michael following suit till they are nose to nose. They pause for a moment, both of their chests heaving with anticipation till they both go in for a Kiss soft at first Michael takes his hand out of hers and touches her cheek as they continue to kiss. Michael’s brain is fuzzy except to realize that Holly’s kisses are soft and delicate, but persistent. She grabs his chemise to keep him close to her, not wanting him to stop. Unfolding her leg onto his lap he strokes the side of her jeans. At moments neither one can catch their breath but they don’t want to stop.

“The vultures are swarmin’!” Bill announces coming down the stairs forcing Michael and houx to break away from each other, rubbing their mouths with the back of their hands to act like everything is normal. Michael can’t help but feel a tinge of annoyance at Bill’s intrusion. “What, Bill?” Bill turns on the lights making both Michael and houx squint. “One of your new neighbors recognized Holly’s car parked in the garage and now news crews and fans are standing outside on the sidewalk.” houx looks at both of them, “What should we do?” She internally panics, as she never told her mom where she was going let alone visiting anyone. When she finds out it was an apartment complex, especially Michael’s she will go off. Bill looks around the room and grabs a throw blanket from the chair and throws it to Holly. “When we get in the garage, lay down in the backseat and throws this over you. I will drive toi accueil and make them think they got the wrong car. Before it gets crazier out there, houx I need to get toi accueil now.” Michael feels sadness at the thought and watches as Bill grabs houx and heads for the door. They didn’t even have time to say goodbye. He watches as they leave with only a void of silence left.

“Bill, is it working?” houx whispers as she can feel Bill pull out of the garage and past the number of people talking. Through the blanket, she can hear and see the flash of light bulbs. “Just stay where toi are,” He murmurs as he continues to drive. As she lies there she thinks back to her and Michael’s Kiss with the frenzy outside they didn’t have time to talk about it. What does this mean for them? Does Michael actually want something plus from her? All these thoughts roll around in her head and make her stomach churn at the thought. Then she remembers how it felt to Kiss him, the passion, the intensity, the wanting from both of them. It makes her smile and touch her lips just thinking about it. After all this time of thinking and fantasizing it finally happened. She feels absolutely no regrets and hopes he feels the same.

houx gets out of the car as Bill turns off her engine in her family’s parking lot. “Did anyone follow us?” “Nah, a few did but then they stopped halfway back. We’re all good.” He hands her the keys. “You want me to call toi a taxi,” houx offers. “I ordered one before we left, it will be here in a few minutes. toi get in the house, Holly. Mike will ask me about it if toi don’t.” He smiles at her, “Goodnight, Holly.” “Night, Bill.” As houx walks up her front pathway she sees no lights on in the house. She unlocks the front door and closes it as quiet as she can before tip toeing upstairs. As she walks past her mother’s office door she sees a light turn on. “Holly, get in here now.” houx sighs out loud knowing she is busted. She walks in the doorframe and sees her mom sitting in her lire chair in her blue gingham nightgown, the standing light besides her illuminating her face. “Where were toi tonight?” “I told toi I was going out,” she reminds. “Yes, but toi didn’t say where. Then I get a rapporter on the local news channel that your car was spotted at an apartment complex.” “There are thousands of red mustangs in LA.” “Don’t sass me!” Mrs. Williams shouts. houx doesn’t even make a muscle at the outburst. “Now I’m going to ask toi again, where were you?”

“I was with Michael.” Her mother nods with a smirk, “Of course, why didn’t I automatically assume that. Were toi two in that apartment together?” “Yes,” houx says nonchalantly. “Did toi sleep with him?” houx rolls her eyes before leaving the office to go to her bedroom. “Oh mom!” “Don’t toi walk away from me missy! I demand an answer.” houx walks in her bedroom and throws her jean veste and bourse, sac à main on the bed. “No, I didn’t sleep with him. But what’s the use? toi won’t believe me anyway.” Her mom stands there in the doorway with a disapproving look on her face and her arms crossed. “Then what did toi do?” “We watched a movie, that’s all. I don’t think watching a movie with a man can get toi pregnant,” houx says with sarcasm. “Well I can tell toi one thing, toi are grounded for the rest of the mois and are not allowed to see Michael till I say toi can.” houx laughs, “You got to be joking? toi practically threw me in with him and now toi want permission for me to be with him as I’m older? And I’m nearly eighteen toi can’t ground me.” “Oh really?” houx folds her arms across her, “Let’s be honest with each other for the first time in our lives. My money paid for this entire house and everything in it therefore it is my house and my rules. I don’t care what toi do in ou out of it, but toi won’t tell me what to do, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong with him.” Her mom stands there in shock at her words. “You don’t care what I do mom, all toi care about is how it affects my performing and making money. Well I’m fine and I can perform, therefore toi don’t need to concern yourself with me…you never have anyway.” houx goes into her adjoining bathroom and slams the door behind her. For a night that was supposed to be happy for her it felt ruined once again par her mother.