“Michael.. Your girlfriend Tiffany is upset right now.. I think toi should talk to her” a dit Symphony “Ok let me talk to her” a dit Michael Jackson walking to Tiffany’s room. Michael Jackson saw Tiffany crying and he a dit “Shhh.. it’s okay” Michael Jackson a dit s’embrasser her on the cheeks. Tiffany Denise was still crying and a dit “Thank toi Michael.. I just have a relationship issue with someone else who abused.. me” Tiffany Denise a dit while sniffing “I feel so bad for toi Tiffany” Michael Jackson said. Michael Jackson put his arms around Tiffany and closed his eyes while Tiffany was crying. Michael Jackson whispered to her “Don’t worry I’ll protect you” Michael Jackson said. Tiffany Denise’s tears were faiding away, Michael Jackson wiped Tiffany’s tears away and a dit “You know.. I l’amour toi so much, and I haven’t gotten toi anything yet, I probably will give toi something sweet that’ll cheer toi up” Michael Jackson a dit while rubbing her hair and back. Michael Jackson saw Symphony and Tiffany’s sister a dit “Did toi cheer her up?” Symphony said. Michael Jackson a dit “Yes I’ve cheered her up, and she like told me that she was abused and so I’m gonna give her my autographs and some fleurs for her” Michael Jackson said. “You’re a ladies gentlemen” Symphony said. Michael Jackson went to the store and bought some fleurs for her, and the cashier a dit “Aren’t toi uhhh Michael Jackson?” Michael Jackson smiled and a dit “Yes” the cashier got surprised and a dit “OMG I want your autograph” the cashier said. Michael Jackson grabbed some paper and used his pen and signed “Stay sûr, sans danger -Michael Jackson” on his shirt. Michael Jackson told him “I bought these fleurs for a girl who got abused and so she’s broken hearted right now” Michael Jackson said. The cashier was shocked and a dit “Woooooow that’s sad man”. Michael Jackson a dit “I know, but I got to go”. Michael Jackson walked in the house and saw Tiffany sitting on the canapé écriture her suivant song, and he walked to the room and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “Dear Tiffany Denise, I know you’re sad and cœur, coeur broken right now, so I felt bad for toi and gave toi something nice, but one plus thing I l’amour toi so much -Michael Jackson” Michael Jackson even wrote an autograph for Tiffany Denise and he walked par to her par saying “Tiffany?” Michael Jackson a dit while looking at her sad eyes. Tiffany Denise a dit “What is it?” Michael Jackson told her “Close your eyes” Michael Jackson a dit while handing her some fleurs and a letter and autograph. “Open your eyes” a dit Michael Jackson. Tiffany opened her eyes and got surprised and started to smile and read that long letter. “Fhdksl” Tiffany Mumbling, Tiffany Denise read it and started to hug Michael Jackson tightly. “I l’amour toi too” Tiffany Denise a dit s’embrasser him on the lips. “Now that’s true l’amour right there” a dit Symphony Denise.