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Can this club pls be active again? Just like it use to?

I want my old mj Friends back but I know all of them may not come back but I hope most of 'em will. I'm glad some toi who left came back. But can we just pls be active again just like old times? I don't wanna have to keep hanging around at the aléatoire club. That's the only active club I know. And I'm not really a member of that club but I still hang there because it's active just like this club was. It's just that some of the users there are kinda mean. However a couple of them are pretty nice to me. Some of them hardly ever pay any attention to me. Some of them do, and some of them don't. So what do y'all say? Can we pls be active together again for the sake of Mike? I'm so bored without
 1012jackson posted il y a 10 mois
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liberiangirl_mj said:
Hey!! I'm back again!! :) I missed this place a lot, toi know.. and I'm happy to see that toi and other wonderful "soldiers of love" are keeping this club alive. I know that it's not the way it used to be before.. but it's not empty either.
I'm back and I will do my best!! :)
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posted il y a 9 mois 
I remember you! It's so good to have toi back! Where'd toi go???
1012jackson posted il y a 9 mois
I'm happy too to be back! :) well.. I was only on fb,, I wasn't on other boards, clubs.
liberiangirl_mj posted il y a 9 mois
mjfan022 said:
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posted il y a 8 mois 
suzanna19mj said:
yes guys! come on! lets make this club active
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posted il y a 6 mois 
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