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Michael Jackson Question

I can't believe I'm saying this. But it's a real bummer about Joseph. I actually can't believe he's gone too

I know nobody really liked Joseph because he was just so mean. People don't like him just because he was mean to the jacksons. They didn't deserve to have him treat them like that. But Joseph was the one who made them the stars they are today. He acted like a harda** but still he's the one who did it. He made them popular. He made them the first black boyband to ever make it big. And on haut, retour au début of that, he is their dad. Even though he acted like an a**whole and the fans don't seem to like him because of that, he still got them to stardom. All of the jacksons. The guys and girls. It's really too bad Joseph's gone now. It's not that I'm devastated about it. It's just that we all know Joseph. We all know who he is. Just like we know who mike and the rest is of the family is. And we Lost them both. And really? Two days from mike Joseph dies? That looks like a coincidence. Out of the whole Jackson family, why did mike have to be the first to go? Why did we have to lose him first? Well beside Brandon (marlons twin who miscarried) but y'all know what I mean. It's really too bad about Joseph. Even though he was a jerk, he was still their dad. I'm surprised he never got angry at them for calling him par his first name. Normally parents don't like it when their kids call them par their name. Now two Jackson family members we all know are not here anymore. (Or maybe not yet) Mike's known for being who he is and being super famous. Joseph's known for being his dad and being...mean. I just wonder how the family reacted. I hear he was nice to his grandkids. But why wasn't he nice to his actual kids? Well R.I.P. Joseph
 1012jackson posted il y a 2 mois
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