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posted by percyrules123
Universal Crime
It was a sunny jour as the two world wide famous detectives Matthew and Luca drove into New York City in their Lamborghini. They got a call from someone with a caller ID of haut, retour au début secret, the person a dit to go to times square in new York, when toi get there enter a store called Joey’s comic book store, when toi get there ask for a burger and he will let toi in a secret door and toi will get further instructions, then it a dit this phone will self destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then my iphone 4s blew up. So as they drove through Times Square they finally saw Joey’s...
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Let me explain what the M.I.B's actually are and what they do. Don't judge me 'cause I haven't watched an M.I.B movie in a while. Not my fault, I don't have them.

The M.I.B's mission as a whole is that they monitor extraterrestrial beings and activity on the planet, even friendly chat with them. They are invisible to the public and the government, not having information of them on government computers and systems. They are determined to keep their organisation a secret par asking quick questions with the witnesses of odd activity, then modifying their memories afterwards so they forget what they saw.
Oh yeah, and they exist in shadow...
link is celebrating MIB Hearts NYC jour on Wednesday, May 23rd par inviting movie fans on the signature link tour. The unique tour gives MIB amoureux the chance to follow in the footsteps of Agents J and K, passing par MIB headquarters and other locations from all three Men in Black films. Movie buffs that come dressed in their best Men in Black chic will be treated to official Men In Black 3 prizes and giveaways courtesy of Colombia Pictures.

Mention discount code 'MIB' for 20% off reservations booked for May 23 - May 27, as On Location Tours celebrates the theatrical release of Men In Black 3 all weekend long.