Dave Mustaine
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Net Worth Coffee Brokers, Inc. and the concept behind it is the brainchild of Pam Mustaine. Pam's vision was first discussed with me, naturally, 'over coffee,' and this was sure to be a hit; and something she loves is sharing her personal flair, and her exquisite taste. When she started explaining everything involved with from buying these organic beans from Fair Trade Farmers, to the charities - what they are and stand for, and who benefits from it, to the roasting, and ultimately brewing and drinking the highest quality coffees available on the market. Pam had convinced me, and I too saw the need for 'Net Worth Coffee Brokers, Inc.' and the rest is, as they say, history.

Pam created Net Worth Coffee Brokers, Inc. in 2008, and NWCB, Inc. was a continuum of the start-up coffee company she originated in 2007 - 'Legends Cup Coffee Company.' NWCB, Inc. continues with the concept of LCCC of having 'Legends' present their own coffee blends to their fan bases. These 'Legends' had their own blends, which were available from LCCC, and although they continue to be offered through NWCB, Inc. we feel that our new roaster has made all of our précédant blends even better!

NWCB, Inc. is a socially conscious company and we believe in practicing socially responsible business. Our NWCB, Inc. blends are organic, all of our coffee beans are bought from Fair Trade Farmers, and percentages of our sales go to the charities that NWCB, Inc. currently support. LCCC had been supporting the 'Door Of Faith' orphanage in Baja, California, and NWCB, Inc. plans to continue on in this worthy tradition.

We look vers l'avant, vers l’avant to being a part of your morning for many years to come.

Dave Mustaine