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le choix des fans: Paradise par the Dashboard Lights
le choix des fans: Bat Out Of Hell
le choix des fans: On March 1, 2009
On March 1, 2009
On A& amp; E&# 39; s Private Sessions on...
le choix des fans: When driving
When driving
With potatoes
le choix des fans: Eddie
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Meatloaf mur

DJPaulieC a dit …
I am a new fan on this mur and have a general question if anyone out there knows the answer.
Did Meatloaf ever take professional vocal training lessons in his career ou is his operatic approach to chant come naturally. I am a professional singer for over forty years and have studied opera for rock vocal training.
Meatloaf sounds like he trained operatically. Does anyone have an answer for curiosities sake. Thanks in advance! posté il y a 1 mois
angelblues a dit …
Listen to Two out of Three ain't bad. I don't know why anyone every questioned your voice. (your manager) ou toi looks. I watched the montrer with the medium where toi went to the house where toi but together Bat of Hell.. toi were and are a good looking guy I see a likeness of Elvis in your feature and actions when toi sing.. Celebrate who toi are and have always been. Your voice is amazing as well as the good man with kind cœur, coeur and Soul your are... Erna <3 <3 <3 posté il y a 1 mois
bearbuddies a dit …
I cry every time i play Two Out of Three ain’t Bad♥️♥️ I l’amour to waych UTube vidéos of all your so gs. I hink I l’amour you💓💓💓 posté il y a plus d’un an