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Matt Damon Question

I wonder how Matt D can justify his position favoring gun control when he has made millions as a hack actor in shoot em up movies... What a hypocrite, what a PUNK, what a worthless piece of shit...

Fuck Off and Die in a feu toi worthless Punk, and the gang of nitwits that comprise his fan club...

 draketrutta posted il y a plus d’un an
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Matt Damon Réponses

Makeupdiva said:
OMG, shut your dirty mouth. toi know nothing obviously. As toi don't know the difference between fiction and reality. He's an actor, he acts, it's not like he actually goes out and starts shooting people. People like toi really need to just shut your mouths and do research before toi start laying the blame. Also, what the hell is gun control going to do, like seriously? It would do nothing. No matter what happens people are going to kill other people, ah there it is, people killing people, not pistolets killing people, it's people killing people. Matt Damon for your information is not part of the problem, it's the person who's willing to go out there and be the problem.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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