It was cold and rainy. I was in my room, sitting and thinking. But the only thing that came in my thoughts was him. Years past but i can't forget him. Do i miss him? After he was gone my life just came out normal and boring again. It's like i want him back. Do I? After all horrible he did? But what comes in my mind that he helped us, he trusted me Hydranoid, he left my body. I felt like he did this all for me. Did he? The jour i saw him one last time in my mind, my cœur, coeur pounded. I didn't want him to leave. Was it the right thing to do? But what was that feeling that i felt when i was towards him? Did i hate him ou did I... it can't be! Can it? My cœur, coeur makes me want to see him one last time. I don't know what to do, but i want to see him again. One last time. I made a wish and fell a sleep. Then suddenly i opened my eyes. I was shocked. I was in the same place where he left me. I looked around. Then i saw something. There was standing a guy near me. He had spiky blond hair, white coat, purple pants, black combat boots. Was it him? It is him! "M-masquerade?" I spoke gently but i was in a very big shock. "Alice." he a dit to me softly. His voice was deep and cold. "Is this a dream?" I asked very surprised. "Yes" he answered me gently. Then it wasn't so surprising. But there was one thing. And i don't know why was it. But i was very happy to see him. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Tears fell from my eyes. He looked surprised but he wrapped his arms around my waist. We were hugging. "Even if I'm dreaming, i got to see you" i said, sobbing and chuckling. He smirked and a dit "I see toi missed me" he a dit and chuckled a little. "I couldn't stop thinking about you! I'm so gland you're with me now!" i didn't let go of him i didn't want him to leave me again. "Alice, I can't be with you" he a dit it coldly. I released him and looked at him right in the eyes. I could only see my own reflection. "This isn't real, Alice. toi wished to see me, but we can only meet in your dreams" he said. Then tears started falling from my eyes. "You can't be... No it's... toi can't leave me again! I can't lose you! Not now!" I said. I can't believe what i said, but it's not me. It was my heart. I turned from him to the other side and covered my eyes with my hands. He came closer to me and embraced me. I was shocked and my tears dried. i looked at him. "You didn't lose me. All that time i lived in your heart. toi have me in there. I'm always with you. I am you" he a dit it softly. Then my tears were all dried up. I turned to him "We wont meet again?" i a dit very sadly with a shacking voice. "We will. In your mind. toi always have me there. That's where i am now. In your mind and in toi heart" he a dit very softly and coldly. My heat stopped pounding. I knew he felt the same to me as i did to him. We were looking at each others eyes, while our heads were getting closer. Until our lips touched. Hi's arms were on my waist, my arms were on his neck. We were kissing. Then he broke the Kiss and he was disappearing. The last thing he a dit to me was "In your mind". Then i woke up and saw that i was in my room lying on my bed. I stood up and walked to the window. I looked at the night sky. There were thousands of stars. I touched my hear and a dit "In my mind". And i smiled.