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luckyPink posted on May 14, 2016 at 04:45PM
I brought an icon contest to this club. As its my first forum in this club, so lets see how far it goes.


1. You have to make an icon each for every round.
2. Only one entry at a time.
3. Stick to the theme given.
4. Icon size must be 200x200 or less. MUST BE THIS SIZED SQUARE!
5. You can choose ANY character you want to go with as long as it belongs to Marvel.
6. Winner two times in a row chooses the next theme.
7. Winners will be chosen by poll taht will last for 3 days.


ROUND 1: Fight. OPEN!

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il y a plus d’un an luckyPink said…
ROUND 1: Fight OPEN!

The first round of the contest is open!