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According to Frank Kern, the key to sales success is incredibly complicated:

1.    Find plus customers
2.    Create sales
3.    Create repeat sales

Not so complicated toi say? Ok, why then do most companies focus on the first two and forget their existing clients/customers?

How do we create repeat sales? Why do customers come back? Not only do these brand loyal gems come back for plus of your insanely good product ou service but for some crazy reason they also tell their Friends about it too!

Rewind a second…does your product have to be...
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posted by chrxmckin
Every business has its own department in-charge of marketing. Each marketing department also has knowledge of what sales collateral is. Sales collateral is also undeniably vital in a company’s brand, customer acquisition and competitive edge in the process of gaining higher sales and revenue.

To fully explain, sales collateral is developed to help déplacer prospected buyers to the sales process. In some companies, as explained par The Peterson Group, expert in sales advertising since 1991, collateral is used to distinguish the size of the market and review the best strategy to use. The latter include...
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haut, retour au début Ten Ways To Generate plus Sales with little ou no money.

Every business needs to find a way to get plus sales from whatever money they have. Here are a few awesome ideas. The best part about these ideas is they do not cost any money ou if they do, it is a small amount.

#1 Improve your product ou service. par making it better it will increase your chance of selling it.
#2 Improve your package - if toi have one. If toi have no package, then improve how toi deliver your product ou service.
#3 Improve your offer. For example,offer a special deal ou a special price.
#4 Offer a premium to your clients...
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Details the services provided par Quired Media Solutions to Create and Manage Media for businesses to help educate staff and promote services ou products to prospects and clients through the Web, TV, Mobile and Cinema Screen.