Michael, The King Of Pop
I've often wondered what would have been like if Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson were introduced to each other. Chances are, they could have been the best of friends; in addition, to Sam helping Michael cope with his newfound fame. They both became internationally famous a young age, and their lives were never the same after that. donné some of the similarities when it comes to business and taking control over careers, it would have been nice if they had something in common with each other. Michael has cited Sam Cooke as one of his early vocal influences; in addition, to patterning his vocal stylings after him especially when he does some of Sam's trademark yodels when he sings. In my opinion, they could have been good friends; in addition, to Sam taking Michael under his wing. Michael has had numerous celebrity Friends over the years ranging fromn Marlon Brando to Elizabeth Taylor; as well, as being frequent guests at Neverland ranch.

If Sam and Michael were good friends, Sam would be attending some of his concerts; as well, as visiting him at Neverland Ranch for the weekend. Seeing he didn't know how to dance Sam would have getting private dance lessons in Michael's private dance studio three days a week. Perchance he could have mastered Michael's famous Moonwalk. I also believe that Sam would have been a positive influence in his life, and at least try to his friend. I would have been nice if they were good Friends for the reason Sam was real down-to-earth like Michael, but whenever he felt threatened, he would stand up for himself. They were both musical geniuses; as well, as shrewd astute businessmen. After all, Sam Cooke paved the way for other black recording artists like Michael Jackson to have total control over her musique careers.

Sam Cooke, The King Of Soul
1972 Hit Song, "Rockin' Robin" On 45 RPM
1958 Hit Song, "Win Your l’amour For Me", On 45 RPM
1974 RCA 2-LP Release, "The Legendary Sam Cooke"
"25th" Anniversary Edition Of "Bad" Boxed Set
International Superstar
International Superstar
Sam Cooke
Michael Jackson
1986 RCA Release, "Sam Cooke: The Man And His Music"
1995 Epic Release, "History"
Michael And First Wife, Lisa Marie Presley
Sam And seconde Wife, Barbara
An Astute Businessman
Also An Astute Businessman
The King Of Pop
The King Of Soul
International Superstar
International Superstar
Fashion icone
Fashion icone
musique Prodigy
musique Prodigy
Sexy Crooner
Sexy Crooner
Sexy Heartthrob
Sexy Heartthtob
1959 télévision Appearance
1994 Jackson Family Honors Awards Ceremony
Talking With Dick Clark Back In 1964
"60 Minutes" Interview With Journalist, Ed Bradley Back In 2003
Civil Rights Activist
Civil Right Activist