Michael And"Captain Eo" Co-Star, Anjelica Houston
Whether it was a friend, lover, spouse, colleague, mother, sister ou relative, several women have played a major role on Michael's life. Over the years has been seen in the company of famous women from Brooke Shields to Lisa Marie Presley; in addition, to his mother and three sisters. Also, Michael was seen in the company of his adoring female fans worldwide. The main reason why women liked Michael was for the reason he was respectable and he acted like a real gentleman. I guess Michael was just a lucky guy having so any many female admired; in addition, to admiring female fans wanting to get get close to him.

Who wouldn't want to be in Michael's company? After all, he was a very attractive and sexy man; in addition, to being one of the kindest and sweetest people toi would ever want to meet, and maybe that is why all the ladies were smitten with him and so forth. Michael was never the one to Kiss and tell when it to his private and his numerous female friends, ou companions and so forth. All the women, who played an important part in his life have had a positive affect of on him in many ways ou so. For example, Michael's longtime friendship with legendary actress, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, had lasted for so many years up until they passing less than two years apart.

Sure, Michael had l’amour for his female fans; as well, as his family. At every live performance, women climb up and the stage just to get a glimpse of Michael, and touch him every chance they get even just to give a hug and a kiss. He be enjoying every minute of it, as well. For the duration of of the 1 1/2 marriage, Lisa Marie Presley made an appearance in his 1995 video, "You Are Not Alone", as his on-screen l’amour interest. When what was it like to be in a video with Michael, Lisa Marie replied, "I thought it was cool". She play an important part in his life when they made that video, and the reason why they appeared in the video semi-nude was for the reason they wanted to give the media a glimpse of what went on ion the private life. Yes, they did l’amour each other very much and it was a shame they didn't stay together. They could've made if they just held on a little bit longer. Several women have made a huge impact on Michael's life be it family, colleagues ou close friends. Even Minnie souris was quite smitten with the King Of Pop whenever he visited Disneyworld and Eurodisney. Also, Michael had a close friendship with longtime makeup artist Karen Faye, worked alongside Michael for the duration of longtime showbiz career. According to a fan in this club, she even did his makeup after he passed on back in 2009.

Michael had made numerous female on both sides of the Atlantic especially the royal family in Monaco to Princes Diana. What can I say, Michael had it going on when it came to the ladies.
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