Tom Messereau, Michael's Attorney
Published in 2007, "Conspiracy: Inside The Michael Jackson Case", Aphrodite Jones reveals what really happenend inside the 2005 child molestation trial of Michael Jackson. On June 14, 2005, with the help of attorney Tom Messereau and his legal team, Michael was acquitted on all counts of sexual misconduct towards a minor, but it was a waste of taxpayer's money according to Miss Jones.

In her book, she brings out several major key factors of what went on during the trial; in addition, to disgraced assistant district attorney Tom Sneddon's plan for revenge to bring down Michael, par way of, conspiring with the Arvizo family. Seeing this as an opportunity to stick it to Michael, paying off the first alleged victim, Jordie Chandler and his family, $25,000,000 in an out-of-court settlement back in 1994, Tom Sneddon has been harboring deep-rooted resentment towards the entertainer for 10 years. After the Arvizo family of Gavin, the seconde alleged victim of Michael Jackson, accused him of sexual assault; in addition, to giving him alcohol in the process, that's when Sneddon comes back in the with a personal vendetta against Michael.

Michael first met the Arvizo family back 2000 subsequent to learning Gavin had cancer and he wanted to meet him. As stated in his 2005 video rebuttal, Michael tells his side of what transpire between and the Arvizo; in addition, to stating he would be vindicated, which he was. It seemed quite questionable that it would three years to accuse Michael of sexual misconduct as Ms. Jones stated in her book. As stated in her book, she also points out that once Michael severed all ties with the family they decided to get revenge on him, par way of, making bogus accusations of sexual misconduct as payback for casting them off to the side.

It was apparent that the family had grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, which Michael provided, at their own expense; however, once the cash flow stopped coming in that's when they decided to come with the false allegations of child molestation against Michael with help from prosecutor, Tom Sneddon, who saw this as in opportunity to finally bring him down. Jones states that the trial was nothing but a waste of the taxpayers' money and there was no need for the trial in the first place, but just another weak attempt to tarnish Michael's reputation in public; in addition, to bring him down.

In her book, she brought some very interesting facts pertaining to the Arvizo family such as Gavin's behavioral problems; in addition to his blatant disrespect for authority. The Arvizo were bad news from from jumpstreet donné their past history par way of conning célébrités out of money with some down-on-their luck sob stories as it was revealed at the trial par way of cross-examination par Michael's defense team. George Lopez, geai, jay Leno, Macaulay Culkin and good friend, Chris Tucker have all testified in regards to their dealings with the Arvizos in the past as it was revealed during the trial proceedings. As matter of fact, Christ Tucker testified how he tried to warn Michael about them. plus and plus stuff came out in the trial about the the kids behavior such as trashing his Michael's house, being disrespectful to staff, who worked at Neverland.

Michael was acquitted on all 14 counts of sexual misconduct towards and contributing alcohol to minor. According to Ms. Jones, she basically told the public what really went down in the trial and how Tom Sneddon's controversial alliance with the Arvizo family helped exposed them through their lies and deception.

2007 Book, "Conspiracy: Inside The Michael Jackson Case"
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