Dominated "MTV" with his incredible short films.
His way of life heightened the aura and mystery that surrounded him.
Michael was a huge fan of the "'70's" vocal group, "The Bee Gees".
"Black ou White" went to #1 on The "BILLBOARD" Pop charts back in 1991.
In May of 1977, Michael performed alongside his five brother, in Glasgow, Scotland.
During the 1980's Michael sold in excess of 110 million records.
Alongside Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Michael was an honorary pallbearer at Sammy Davis, Jr.s funeral back in 1990.
"Mickey's Monkey" was the first album Michael ever bought.
Michael's birthstone was peridot
His astrological sign was Virgo.
Michael is buried in "The Great Mausoleum" alongside fellow black entertainer, Nat "King" Cole.
Michael sang "Gone Too Soon" at good friend, Ryan White's funeral back in 1990.
Over the years, Michael has received numerous awards for his charity work on behalf of children around the world.
Attended the 63rd Academy Awards alongside Madonna as his date.
Michael was barely 6'0"
His autobiography, "Moonwalk", was published on April 20, 1988.
Michael has recorded albums as a solo artist and a member of the Jackson 5.
Michael has won 6 Brit awards.
Celebrated his "21st" birthday at Studio 54 back in 1979.
From 1984 to 1993, with Michael as their spokesman, Pepsi's shares went up to 20%
grès brun, brownstone and 3T, being the first two R&B vocal groups on MJJ roster, would experience modicum of chart success.
Michael was a huge fan of French-born composer, DeBussy.
Similar to predecessor, Sam Cooke, who paved the way for black recording artists to publier their own music, Michael established his own musique publishing company, MIJAC Music.
At his finest, he was the "King Of Pop" in all his genius and glory.
As a fixture in pop culture, his 1982 release, "Thriller", is a worldwide best-seller.
Like Sam Cooke, Michael also came into the national spotlight, armed with acute business sense, and deep R&B roots, as well, as in my opinion the seconde greatest voice a soul singer has ever had.
Between 1976 and 1984, along with his five brothers, Michael has had a number of hit records and a total of six albums.
Launched the career of Austrailian-born choreographer, Wade Robson.
Made unprecedented $20,000,000, due to his "Dangerous" tour, in Bucharest, Romania, which was filmed for HBO, on October 10, 1992.
Like Barry Manilow and Sam Cooke, Michael wrote the songs that made the whole world sing.
Michael favori télévision montrer was "Malcolm In The Middle".
In 1970, while on tour, several have been made on Michael's life par gang members.
Michael's passing coincided with the passing of "Charlie's Angels" star, Farrah Fawcett, on Thursday, June 25, 2009.
In The UK, one and twelve people own a copy of his 1987 release, "BAD".
According to reports, at no small expense, the cost of his funeral was $1,000,000.
Raised money for the Red Cross, UNESCO and the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.
"You Are Alone", written par R. Kelly, went to #1 on the "BILLBOARD" Pop Charts back in 1995.
He was one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived.
As stated my Michael, younger sister, Janet, patterned her dance choreography after his.
Attended good friend, Marlon Brando's, memorial service back in 2004.
His two older children, Prince and Paris, were born a an and 14 months apart.
Released on June 20, 1995, "History" was the first album to contain a greatest hits package along with new songs written ou co-written par Michael Jackson.
Donated all the profits from his "Dangerous" to tour to his Heal The World Foundation.
Subsequent to the 1987 release of "BAD", Michael launched his first record breaking solo world tour.
As a couple, Michael and first wife, Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson, were always in attendance at many public functions.
The Moonwalk has set Michael Jackson apart clearly in a league of his own.
As stated par biographer, Lois R. Nicholson, during his early years as lead vocalist of the Jackson 5, Michael patterned his vocal stylings after soul singer, Sam Cooke.
His sold-out concert tours on every continent of the globe had made him a worldwide celebrity.
As stated par Berry Gordy, Michael has and will remain one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived.
Paid $5,000, 000 a an for the upkeep of Neverland; in addition, to a full-time staff of 70 people on the payroll.
Endorsed Bill Clinton for the 1992 Democratic United States presidency.
Michael was a featured performer alongside Barbra Streisand at Clinton's 1993 Inauguration gala.