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Lightning Tail walked up to his mate, cerise Heart. He saw that the Fresh-Kill pile was low. “Would toi like to go hunting?” He asked. “I would loves to” she purred. They were walking through the woods, then cerise cœur, coeur stoped. “What is it?” Lightning Tail asked. “I smell squirrel” she said. He saw the écureuil and began to creep up on it. Then he smelled a new scent. It was Lake Clan’s.”We need to get back to camp, quick!” He a dit urgently. They raced back to camp. When they went in they saw a chaos of battle. Lightning Tail jumped in to help. He pounced on a Lake Clan...
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I made two articles about Breezefang and Crystalwing. I plan to make one about Freezestar as well and the creator of the clans Skye herself. She is the first ever medicine cat as well. So, stay toon for plus chapters of the OCs warrior cat news. Anyways I'm going to make something about Maplestar very soon along with Lemonheart. Ask any questions in the commentaires and feel free to like and favori as well. So Flamefur (a Blazeclan cat with a tragic story) will be getting his own article as well. I decided to do a summer special article about some cat from early times. It will be published on 7/16/2016 get ready for a nice long one.
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