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 I WILL ALWAYS l’amour toi
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13 SIGNS THAT YOU'RE IN l’amour ;)

13.)You Can't Stay Mad At Him/Her For plus Than A Minite ou Two. toi Actually Have To Try Hard To Stay Mad.
12.)You'll Read His/Her Texts Over And Over Again....
11.)You'll Walk Really Really Slow While You're With Him/Her...
10.)You'll Feel Shy When Ever You're With Him/Her ...
9.)While Thinking About Him/Her Your cœur, coeur Will Beat Faster And Faster.
8.)By Listening To His/Her You'll Smile For No Reason.
7.)While Looking At Him/Her...You Can't See The Other People Around You...You Can Only See That Person.
6.)You'll Start Listening To Slow Songs And l’amour Songs.
5.)He/She Becomes All toi Think About.
4.)You'll Get High Just par Their Smell...
3.)You'll Realize That You're Always Smiling To Yourself When toi Think Of Them.
2.)You'll Do Anything For Him/Her.

1.)While lire This,There Was One Person On Your
Mind The Whole Time.
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