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This l’amour photo contains neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby. There might also be jacuzzi, bain à remous, lait, peau, skintone, nudité partielle de couleur nude, la nudité implicite, nudité, nudité partielle, nudité implicite, nue nudité partielle, de couleur, and teint.

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I’ve waited so long
For everyone to realize
That my cœur, coeur ain’t a toy toi can play with
My cœur, coeur ain’t the best toy to break

I’ve wanted so long for toi to turn the light on
To realize that all toi need is me
To see my through the darkest of nights
To be with me forever
Is all toi really need

Such long nights alone
In the darkness I lay
Thinking about toi
And I hope your thinking bout me too

Such great silence
Such great mystery
I’m all toi need
All toi want
All toi need is me
מערכות היחסים בחייך - לואיז היי
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