Lost [EW]These 'lost' items are up for auction,you would spend a great deal of money on:

Pick one:
Henry Gale's Wallet (Estimated Value: $200—$300)
Jeremy Bentham's Death Certificate (Estimated Value: $200—$300)
Eko's staff (Estimated Value: $1,000—$1,500)
Faraday's Journal (Estimated Value: $400—$600)
Hurley's Winning Lotto Ticket (Estimated Value: $600—$800)
Locke's compass (Estimated Value: $600—$800)
Locke's suicide note to Jack (Estimated Value: $400—$600)
Sawyer’s letter (Estimated Value: $400—$600)
Desmond's photograph with Penny at the marina (Estimated Value: $300—$500)
Karl’s Brainwashing LED Goggles
Rousseau's crossbow
Twelve cans of DHARMA-branded bière (Estimated Value: $200—$300)
Charlie's basse, basse, bass guitare (Estimated Value: $300—$500)
Desmond's fail-safe key with ''Joe Inman'' dog tag (Estimated Value: $600—$800)
Jin’s wedding ring (Estimated Value: $400—$600)
Sawyer’s improvised lire glasses from S3 (Estimated Value: $600—$800)
Four Virgin Mary statues (Estimated Value: $400—$600)
 laurik2007 posted il y a plus d’un an
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