Lost Favourite flashback/flashforward from season 3?

Pick one:
3x01 "A Tale of Two Cities" (Jack and Juliet)
3x02 "The Glass Ballerina" (Sun and Jin)
3x03 "Further Instructions" (Locke)
3x04 "Every Man for Himself" (Sawyer)
3x05 "The Cost of Living" (Eko)
3x06 "I Do" (Kate)
3x07 "Not in Portland" (Juliet)
3x08 "Flashes Before Your Eyes"( Desmond)
3x09 "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Jack)
3x10 "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" (Hurley)
3x11 "Enter 77" (Sayid)
3x12 "Par Avion" (Claire)
3x13 "The Man from Tallahassee" (Locke)
3x14 "Exposé" (Nikki and Paulo)
3x15 "Left Behind" (Kate)
3x16 "One of Us" (Juliet)
3x17 "Catch-22" (Desmond)
3x18 "D.O.C." (Sun)
3x19 "The Brig" (Locke)
3x20 "The Man Behind the Curtain" (Ben)
3x21 "Greatest Hits" (Charlie)
3x22 "Through the Looking Glass" (Jack)
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