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I'm warning you,it's a SPOILER so if toi don't wanna know what's gonna happen next,don't read it!

Kate and Claire renuite and she invites her to a concert that her newly met brother's son is performing at. Jack's running late but Claire is very excited to introduce Kate to her brother. Just as he is about to get there Claire goes into labour and they just miss each other par a few seconds. Charlie sees Claire leave. Kate helps Claire with the birth, Jack shows up just as Kate leaves to avoid the cops again, missing each other again. Remembering she forgot something she goes back to see Jack holding his nephew/her once son Aaron and all her memories suddenly flood back from SNBH. This is where the hospital scenes take place (I believe they where shot out of order to suit Elizabeth Mitchell's V schedule).

that's from link

let's hope things happen like that! :D:D:D:D:D
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