Lost Girl Who would toi like to see at a Lost Girl ComicCon Panel, what would toi ask them and why would toi want to know?

servanttosilk posted on Jun 14, 2015 at 05:30AM
In my desperation for anything Lost Girl - I have watched and re-watched any and all ComicCon footage from the first Expo to the most recent one. If you could ask a question of anyone involved in the making of Lost Girl; who would you like to see at a panel and what would like to know? Why do you want to know?

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il y a plus d’un an servanttosilk said…
Well - at the most recent PalmerPalooza, someone asked Zoe what Fae Power would Lauren Want if Lauren could have any power. Here's the thing though - Lauren COULD HAVE ANY Fae Power she wanted, she has the Elixir and the know how to make herself Fae! So Instead of asking that freaking question - If you Actually SEE Zoe Palmer - For God's Sake ask her WHY She Hasn't Given herself Fae Freaking Powers! (It's VEX by the way! It's always Vex! Please stop asking her - it will never change.)