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le choix des fans: Team Lauren
le choix des fans: Kale (Kenzi and Hale)
Kale (Kenzi and Hale)
Denzi (Dyson and Kenzi)
le choix des fans: Hades being Bo's father
le choix des fans: 5-Favorite character, l’amour her
le choix des fans: Bo and Lauren
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Lost Girl mur

macera_nz a dit …
binge watching all 5 seasons of Lost Girl...watching episode 8 of Season 5 right. now!!!! totally l’amour this montrer 😃 posté il y a plus d’un an
linjianjing a dit …
Ried is the only one idol I like. But I don't why only the girl
s he accept.I am so jealous. Never mind, I have made up
my mind to see him one day. l’amour you,mature Uncle loup posté il y a plus d’un an
gemzybabyox a dit …
check out the Lost girl convention for Jan 2016 in the UK (London) link Click on faebles 3 so far Rick Howland "The King" is attending - plus ticket sales = plus great actors/actresses will be attending :D posté il y a plus d’un an
gemzybabyox commenté…
Last an the attendees were Tamsin - Dyson - The Morrigan - Vex il y a plus d’un an
gemzybabyox commenté…
Zoie Palmer can't make this event so she is attending the following convention link il y a plus d’un an
KayleighRobson commenté…
speaking of Lost Girl convention in Londres i have a ticket for the one in September i am trying to sell does anyone want it? il y a plus d’un an