Lisabians stalking lisa edelstein :D haha

huddyisluv22 posted on Mar 01, 2009 at 04:16PM
Okkkkkkk soo I want to meet this lady sooooo much :) ..not creepy stalking just so I can hopefully chat with her one day because she is such an inspiration.. Anyone else with me on this?? I recently found out her address in LA and was thinking about sending something to her house haha :) also might stop by on my trip this summer to LA .. Is she there in the summer?? Haha ok any comments is helpful

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il y a plus d’un an crashthebest__x said…
Going there may be a little much, but sending a letter or something sounds like a pretty sweet deal. =]

Care to share said address? ;]

I'd love to meet her, too. I'd probably die if I ever did, though. Dx That'd be awkward. x_x;;
il y a plus d’un an huddyisluv22 said…
you have to promiss u won't spread it around
il y a plus d’un an crashthebest__x said…
Seriously? xD

Fo sho! I'm good at keeping secrets! x3