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thirteen_times posted on Feb 02, 2009 at 04:41AM
I know I may not be a lisabian, but I was wondering what makes so may females want to go lesbian for Lisa? I mean I'm not blind, she is VERY hot. But what makes her so hot to females?

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il y a plus d’un an misanthrope86 said…
big smile
LOL! Well, apart from the incredible hotness, I think I really love the confidence that she has in herself. She seems incredibly sure of who she is and she isn't afraid to be herself. And that makes her super-hot to me.
il y a plus d’un an PotterGal said…
LOL, yes it's not just the hotness. Like missy said, she has incredible confidence in herself and i also love how bouncy, fun and full of life she always seems to be.
And she has the most gorgeous smile.......*dreams*
il y a plus d’un an Meredithdaee said…
For me is not just the way she looks. She irradiates force, pasion, happiness, inteligence, self confidence and love. She is a woman in all the posible ways. In her smile you can see an extraordinary and unique human being. For me that's the hottest of her. You can learn a lot just looking her eyes.
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il y a plus d’un an HuddyCrazy1331 said…
I'm not gay for Lisa, but I admire her SO FREAKIN MUCH. She's gorgeous, has outstanding self-confidence, never backs down, she's always so hyper and smiley and all over the place- which makes me want to go shopping with her xD
But my point is, she's just AMAZING.
il y a plus d’un an EnjoyHuddy said…
I'm not responding because you guys already said it all!!
il y a plus d’un an crashthebest__x said…
Humm, I dunno if I'm allowed to answer, since I'm, well, just gay in general, but aside from the fact that she's amazingly attractive, she's also very talented, confident, funny, etc.

She's a vegetarian too, which is a huge plus for me, since I am too. :]
il y a plus d’un an huddysims said…
il y a plus d’un an XxSarusiaXx said…
I don't want to go lesbian for Lisa! I'm heterosexual ;)
But I admire her, she's my favourite actress, she's funny, crazy, cute... I just love her like a fan love an idol.
And "lisabians" is cool name of us - fans of Lisa ;)
il y a plus d’un an huddysmacked said…
I wouldn't go gay for any women. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa SOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMNNN MUCH. I admire her sooooo much and well she's just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the same as Sarusia
il y a plus d’un an sissy16 said…
She is sooo damn hot!!she is absolutely perfect and I love her very-very much!!go lisa go!!
il y a plus d’un an huddy_aimee said…
i dunno why...i mean i am bi sexual, there's no doubt there, but i guess everyone has already said what i like about her:
-absolutely gorgeous
-has the BEST SMILE
-funny and hyper (in a good way)
-true to herself and her beliefs
il y a plus d’un an HouseAddict87 said…
I'm straight but think she's really hott! I guess it's her confidence. She's in her forties but did a strip dance for millions of people to watch that screams confident to me. It's a turn on... I'd go lesbian for her.