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CathCuddy posted on Jan 26, 2009 at 11:11PM
Okay so there we go! XD I'm proud to begin this thread XD we absolutely love Lisa Edelstein!

So I think we should all post the colours of our "outfits" XD eheh (I'll go and add the rest of you when you post)

The Army is composed by (28):

busanbusan - Purpur
Cath Cuddy - Orange
crashthebest__x - Harlequin
Cuddles - Turquoise
CuddyHuddy - Aquamarine
DrowningMyFear - Silver
Ellen-smile - Periwinkle
EnjoyHuddy - Purple
Fabolouz - Red
Fashion_life - Ruby
HouseAddict87 - Baby Blue
housecuddy4ever - Blue
huddychild - Pink
HuddyCrazy1331 - Sky Blue
huddyislove - Scarlet
huddysmacked - Lime
huddy_aimee - Fluro Yellow
jjfrench - Coral
Lie_to_Me_123 - Neon Orange
kellinator - Persian Indigo
Meredithdaee - Gold
mollyx365 - Yellow
Olivine - White
PotterGal - Violet
RP_Puzzle - Black
SarahCCal - Hot Pink
XhuddyobsessedX - Magenta
xxiwuuxx - Green

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