Two years have past, but two years we've gained.
Through the good times and bad, our l’amour still maintained.

We've worked very hard to get to know each other so well,
We're even to the point that our thoughts we can tell.

Our inside jokes, the way toi smile at me wide,
The way toi rest your head on your hand and lean to the side,

The way toi always make me feel better about myself,
toi mean plus to me than all of the world's material wealth.

People always come and go in this world with it's fast pace,
But rest assured my l’amour that no one can ever take your place.

toi over anyone understand the stress I have over work and life
Sometimes it's overwhelming putting up with this strife!

But just simply hearing your voice and seeing the way toi look at me,
Out of this mental prison for a moment I feel free.

I feel closer to toi now than ever before.
But with that being a dit I still crave for more.

How I long for the jour when I can see toi eat, work, and sleep!
And our hands clasp together while we're walking down the street!

But that moment is arriving when I can finally hold toi close to me,
toi and I are both eager because that's where we want to be.

Just a little while longer and that dream will come true,
that jour is fast approaching when I can emballage, wrap my arms around you!

I will never let toi go Gergely, not in a million years!
I cherish every moment, every laugh, every stare, and even the tears!

Now I will end his poem with a metaphorically cheesy line,
Like; with all these rains clouds of life, toi will always be my sunshine!

I l’amour toi so much Gergely!!! Only 42 plus days to go! X)