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Source: lilly mango1s story
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Source: lillymango1s story
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hllo im liolly :P i l’amour u all kidding i like u all here some stuuf about me

friends : power possible puffed bubbles daisylove bommerlovver eleanor seville mf114 potterandtdi sara347

blitz utonium graysie14 silvara fan invader cynder bluefire777 bluestarlover10 bouncing bunny dex3fan foxkit8888 gwenxduncanyay hrtbracke girl redmetz schnoddle11 tomboi rapide, swift lover
fan ppl : invader lilly brooke becky milly *twin *
sally and anna

clubs: alot

i l’amour to draw sorry but my souris isent workeing right so i cant draw for a wile

i l’amour chats i hate proms and i like nourriture well duh heres my puffly team if u...
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