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Opinion by CatoStoicus posted il y a plus d’un an
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Just so everybody whose a fan of Lilly ou Garth knows about this, there is a petition on Change. org now calling on Lionsgate to make an Alpha and Omega spin-off movie featuring Lilly and Garth as the main characters.

Every time someone signs the petition, another letter is sent to the head of Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group telling him how much we'd l’amour to see a movie like this.

The petition can be found par searching "Alpha and Omega" ou "Lilly and Garth" on Change. org. If anybody wants to sign it, that would be great.
Fan fiction by Lilyomega11 posted il y a plus d’un an
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salut Everyone! I wrote a #1 but all it is is introducing the pups. They have just walked in to see a Grizzly eating their caribou. This is the part that follows

Lily watched as the giant Grizzly ate her caribou.
"Oh no!" whispered Lily, trying hard not to let the Grizzly hear her. She didn't want her pups to get hurt.
"Lily! Take the pups and run. I'll deal with this!" Garth whispered back.
"Daddy! I want to fight!" a dit Tiger. He was always trying to be just like Garth. He was bound to be a great hunter one day.
"You're not old enough yet Tiger! But, suivant spring, Alpha School starts up and you'll start your training! Now, go with your mother! We can't stand around talking when a Grizzly ours is about to eat our breakfast!"
Tiger dipped his head and ran off. His mother and sisters and brother had already gone. He wished his dad would let him fight. He had seen some of the moves Garth used when practicing for battle. He was so good at it and Tiger knew that he could be just as good as his father.
Article by shakey_omega posted il y a plus d’un an
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Lilly (also spelled "Lily") is the secondary tritagonist of the Alpha and Omega series. She is the seconde daughter of Winston and Eve and the younger sister of Kate, but unlike her family, Lilly is an Omega loup and is easily distinguished par her snow white fur, which initially conceals her violet eyes, but later, when Garth helps her build up confidence, she starts wearing her hair back.

She is voiced par Christina Ricci in the films. It is currently unknown who she is voiced par in the video games. BackgroundEdit

Lilly is the younger sister of Kate and the seconde daughter of Winston and Eve.
In Alpha and Omega
Lilly and Kate going to the Moonlight Howl
Xalta, the Mystical LycanAdded par Xalta, the Mystical Lycan
Lilly went with her sister to the Moonlight Howl where Kate was to meet her fiancé Garth, and both of them liked what they saw (at least at first for Kate, while Lilly fell in l’amour at first sight of Garth).