Leyton Family<3 Some things I l’amour about Delena; what's your favorite?

Pick one:
eye sex ♥
dance scenes ♥
he will always choose her ♥
he wasn't selfish with her ♥
she's there for him ♥
his l’amour conffesions ♥
he does deserve her ♥
they aren't boring together ♥
she broke a window to find him ♥
she stayed till the very end with him ♥
she took care of him ♥
SHE kissed him ♥
every one knows that he loves her ♥
he's saving her ♥
they both know that there's something going on between them ♥
she likes him now, just the way he is ♥
road trip ♥
he would do anything to protect her ♥
the looks of l’amour ♥
he made her laugh ♥
their frienship ♥
 123Naki456 posted il y a plus d’un an
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