Leyton Family<3 {2-Holly's Happy Hour} Couple moments that make me squee like a maniac! ♥♥♥ // Which makes toi most *squee-ey*? {**AMBER- Beware of Lost spoilers!**}

Pick one:
"I can't live without toi and our ten kids."
aléatoire baseball cuteness!
Izzie "feeling" Denny in the hall.
Wedding ♥
Candle house!
Meredith telling Derek she's pregnant ♥
"You're the one that put me back together."
"I'm saying toi could have a husband."
"I have everything I've always wanted... almost."
"I l’amour you, Penny. And I'll never leave toi again."
"I promise. I l’amour you."
Super hug!
Playing golf + flirting
douche lovin' ♥
"I'm so glad toi changed your mind. I'm so glad you're here!"
"Yes, yes, yes, of course i will, yes!"
"No, that's not how toi know me."
First Kiss ♥
Flirty banter + fun in the water!
"One outcast to another."
Kate taking care of a hurt Sawyer.
Sawyer & Kate being playful while Kate cuts Sawyer's hair.
Strawberries & Fishbiscuits ♥
Cage l’amour ♥
"I l’amour toi too."
Hold me close and never let me go.
Let's see how long we can play house!
"the kind of Kiss that stops time. It’s nothing short of spectacular
"Kate’s back and as soon as they see each other, that chemistry just
"You and me are getting the hell off this island."
"Almost like someone's trying to put us together."
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