Leyton Family<3 {Female personality countdown ; Round 8} Rana ; pick the female character who toi think is LEAST like her personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Sarah Manning
Tris Prior
Cristina Yang
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Emily Fields
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Emma cygne
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Mary Tudor
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Nikita Mears
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Peyton Sawyer
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 XxXrachellXxX posted il y a plus d’un an
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XxXrachellXxX picked Sarah Manning:
Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
- Peyton is, as she claims, a loner. Despite this, she has a lot of people in her life that she cares about and who care about her. She is very much a fighter. She's gone through so much in life and she's still not afraid to love or be herself. She is very creative and artistic, but is a bit insecure about her abilities. She is a honest, loyal person who is very loving and caring towards her loved ones. She is strong and capable of taking care of herself and the people she loves.

Cristina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
- Cristina is an independent, driven woman. She is ambitious and very much sure of what she wants and how she wants it. She will not let anything stop her from getting just that. She's sassy and smart, and often sees herself as better than other people. She is not very emotional at all, and does not enjoy public displays of affection, but during the course of the seasons she softens, and you get to see what a wonderful friend she is.

Nikita Mears - Nikita
- Nikita is a very badass, self-confident woman. She is independent and more than capable of taking care of herself. At first she may seem to be a bit cold-hearted, but towards the people she loves she's the sweetest, most caring person you can find. She would do absolutely anything to protect the people she loves, as well as anyone else in danger. She is determined in her fight against the villains and is often one step ahead of her enemies.

Tris Prior - Divergent
- Tris is a person who never believed she belonged amongst her family's people. So when the time came to choose, she decided to go her own way. She became Dauntless and slowly but surely built into an incredible warrior with a lot of strength and confidence. She is very brave as well as amazingly loyal to the people she loves. She's very fair and curious as well.

Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars
- Emily is definitely the calmest person in the main group. She's very intelligent and caring, and is ambitious about the things she cares about. She is very righteous and if she's done something that she considers wrong, it bothers her too much for her to focus on anything else. She is also very romantic and loving, and very logical as well.

Sarah Manning - Orphan Black
- Sarah is a determined, badass young woman. She is very private and doesn't trust many people. Often she'd rather try to find a solution to her problems on her own rather than to ask for someone else's help. She is resourceful and intelligent, but can also be very, very protective of the people she loves. She's caring and kind when she wants to be as well, but to her enemies she is ice-cold. She is also very passionate.

Mary Tudor - The Tudors
- Mary, at first, is a very sweet, timid young girl. She has tolerated being shoved aside and mistreated, and has stayed a very faithful, loyal person towards her mother and her supporters. As time goes by, she becomes stronger and more confident, and very, very sure of her opinions and her point of view. She is honest and confident, but also has an insecure side. By the end of the show we are shown a more violent side to her as she proclaims burning all the heretics, but she still remains quite innocent.

Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time
- Emma has been alone her entire life, which has made it very difficult for her to trust other people. But over the course of the show she softens and turns out to be exactly the hero everyone was counting on. She is very brave and badass, and is also a feminist who is very fair and open-minded. She still is not good at trusting others, but she is very kind-hearted and caring to the people who she does trust. She is also resourceful and logical.

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NONE! :(
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Sakkara98 picked Sarah Manning:
All fit so much :(
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Elbelle23 picked Sarah Manning:
DON'T LIKE CHOOSING...But I think soo...BUT all fit so much
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marakii picked Sarah Manning:
maybe the others fit more?!
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tvdlover picked Sarah Manning:
None :(
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WarriorGilbert picked Sarah Manning:
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