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Queen of Caskett/Castle & RR/Friends

HOLLY: My baby Snow <3 Maria is like the human definition of a cupcake! She's adorable and sweet and you just want to smile when you talk to her! She's so fun to talk to and i love chatting with her about anything and everything.

ADE: I have missed you SO MUCH this year. I know it has been a very busy year for you honey but I missed you so much. I feel like we really need to catch up somehow. I always love talking to Maria because 1) We tend to love lots of the same things (lp, peyton, rr, snow, derena...) and 2) her kindness/simplicity. I always picture Maria with a smile on her face and she inspires happiness. I never see her complaining and duuuh she is SO fun to talk to.

BEE: Probably the person I'm most like here, I mean, we struggle finding friendships because we relate to so many of the same characters. I've missed her over the past few months but I know her hard work will pay off. Thank you for always being there, love you.

INES: Maria and I didn't really have the occasion to talk a lot mostly because of exams, but it's gonna change soon ! I often think we'd be really close if we had the opportunity to talk more, because I don't know why, but I think we have a lot in common personality-wise. <3

NEREA: She seems to be a very friendly and kind girl. I have seen very few of her, but all of them were good things. It would be nice to know more about her because she seems to be a good friend.

ATIE: Mar boo.Maria is so great.She's so kind.She's such a sweetheart.She's an awesome friend.She is always there if I need her.Her smile just brightens up everything.She's one of the most amazing person I've ever know

JESS: Sadly I'm not as close to her as I wish I would be, but she is so bubbly and lovely <3 I know she loves friends and Quat and she is also in the brathan club so she already has a spot in my heart <3

ELLE: Over the last week and a bit of coming back to the LPF Maria has been one member I have gotten to know quickly and I honestly think we are becoming quite close friends. Our love for OQ and Regina as well as or girl Rachel Berry make conversations amazing, and I think her personality is amazing just like her. I am enjoying our fangirling over our Main Queens and I can’t wait for more fangirling in the future.

NIC: This time words are definitely not enough. I could not fully describe my best friend in the world in 3-5 sentences, that's ridiculous... But all I can say is that she is the best person (and MY person) I've met and I cannot picture my life without her annoying existence in! ly berry bitch xxxxxxx

FATEMEH: Spencer to my Emily <3 Maria is my Outlaw Queen buddy. I love fangirling with her so much. She’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I can talk to her about anything. She’s always there no matter what. I love you.

AMBER: Maria is someone who can brighten my day just by me reading her comments or looking at her tumblr, there’s just something about her that can always cheer me up! She is so so dedicated to her studies and her work, which I really admire because I am such a procrastinator and perfectionist that I kind of just sit there :P And she is always there for her friends, and I know that if I ever need her she would help me in a heartbeat! Love you <33

ALINE: You're my little snowflake! You're just one of the sweetest and kindest person in this family and I'm really lucky and honored to be one of your friends. You’re just this beacon of light here that I can’t imagine being gone. You're just plain awesome and I love you fangirl buddy <3

RACH: I love this precious girl so much. She's so kind, genuine, talented, sweet and so selfless. I think she is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met and I admire her so much. I can talk to her about anything and she never, ever judges. She is so kind-hearted and has such an amazing future ahead of her. I am so lucky to call her my friend!! <333

RANA: ; My little munchkin sis<3 Adore this girl! Seriously Maria is like my little sister and she’s one of the easiest people to talk to. Sometimes when life gets in the way we don’t talk for days but when we do we just pick up right where we left off and it’s like nothing has changed. She’s also one of the people I feel super protective over, so if you mess with Maria I will bite your head off :P Seriously I love you Maria you’re always there for me! Love you my Meredith.

KIR: You seem like such a smart and nice girl! I love talking to you :D

CELINE: link
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The very definition of EPIC. Absolutely flawless!
grey's anatomy
season 2
posted by mooshka
 Ray's Role Model: Meredith Grey♥
Ray's Role Model: Meredith Grey♥
Hey, so this is my interview with the amazing Ray:D It was just for fun, but check it out. It has all of her dirty secrets in it:P MDR (jk) But it does have a lot about her life and her opinions about the LPF!

What's your name?
My name is Rachel.

Out of all the fanpop nicknames toi have what are some of your favoris and why?
uuh.. of fanpop nicknames? let's see, perhaps SE buddy ou Mega chienne Katherine! :D SE buddy because my SE buddy Celine came up with it for me and it reminds me of my friendship with her and my OTP. Mega chienne Katherine because I truly am a chienne and this way I can keep saying...
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 Your fave films <33
Your fave movies <33
The Skins and Golden Trio queen!!!

Holly: Kir <3 Oh my goodness, yet another OBG! {Original Brucas Girl} though technically she was a LP'er first, then switched to the right side ;) because we had biscuits, cookies :D I adore Kir so very much, she's someone that even if we go a while without talking, we just pick right up like no time has even passed. Friends like Kir are the best kind toi can ask for ♥ I think Kir and i connected so well because we've both dealt with some shit in our lives, but we're both the kind of people that will always encourage others, even if we don't feel so great.
Ade: I...
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I l’amour this song.
california king lit
posted by mooshka
Well, what's a birthday without one of my articles:P lol. Well, I'm actually going to keep it pretty short and sweet:) I just wanted to say that you're one of my closest Friends on fanpop and one of my oldest friends. You're probably the person I have the most memories with on the LLT! I l’amour all of our talks on there from the serious ones to the sill ones, they were all great♥ toi are my fangirling buddy for life. We almost always agree on all fandom related stuff and our rants are seriously the best:P Especially the ones about Lincus, Lindsey, Brucas, Baley and Arizona. Wow that's a long...
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 "Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
"Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
Amber Brooks (Alexis Bledel)
Rachel Gilbert (Sophie Turner)
houx Rosebird (Emilia Clarke)
Moosh Monroe (Julianne Hough)
Celine Howard (Bethany Joy Lenz)
Margot Stevens (Ashley Benson)
ale Roberts (Troian Bellisario)
Laura Summers (Zooey Deschanel)
Albie Tyler (Chyler Leigh)
Ade Matthews (Blake Lively)
Aline Johnson (Karen Gillan)
Atie Anderson (Leighton Meester)
Zoe Woods (Amanda Seyfried)
Nicolas Gordon (Topher Grace)


Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia)
Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Sawyer Ford (Josh Holloway)
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)
Alex Karev...
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1) Rachel, congrats on winning FOTM!! How does it feel to win FOTM?

Thank you! It feels amazing! ;D I mean, especially since there are so many great girls on the spot who are just as active as I am, so I feel really honored. And of course also because I've never been FOTM before, I like that the Leyton Family is my first place where I am. I l’amour everything about this place, and I'm really happy that I got voted for FOTM. Thank you, girls! <3

2) When and how did toi become a part of this awesome family?

Well, I don't quite remember when.. It was months ago, though. And it's because of Laura....
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 Whatever happens, houx will always belong right here with us.
Whatever happens, Holly will always belong right here with us.
I think we all can agree that our FP experience and our family would NOT be the same without Holly. Apparently, certain people don't understand that their words have weight and I have no idea how someone can justify their actions when they do things like what these people did to Holly. All I know, is that it proves that they aren't even worth the time. They can say mean things all day, but Holly, the people that REALLY, TRULY matter, l’amour toi so much. And to prove it, these are a few things we (I'm proud to say LPers AND BLers) have to say about you:

She is ALWAYS there for us! No matter how...
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 Your man who loves toi <333
Your man who loves you <333
The 100 and William/Liam queen!!

Holly: My twinny boo ♥ I've known Atie for quite a long time now, we first bonded over Brucas & Brooke Davis, and it's just been all l’amour ever since! We have so much in common, l’amour so many of the same things, hence "twinny"! I always know that i can go to Atie for anything, she's one of my best Friends and she's like a little sister to me!
Kir:From the few times we talked toi seem like such a sweet girl. We have loads in common when it comes to favourite characters and shows! I'd l’amour to get to know toi plus :D
Ade: I did not talk to her that much either...
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 Most BAMF cutie ever <333
Most BAMF cutie ever <333
The Hook/Killian and Emma/Jennifer (+ OUAT) queen!!

Holly: Oh gosh, Aline is so talented - i l’amour her écriture so much! And she's such a funny, genuine person. I l’amour fangirling with Aline over so many things, she's just so much fun to talk with!
Kir:Eventhough I don't know toi that much toi seem like a great girl and I'm looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to getting to know toi plus :D
Ade: Aline and I don't talk a lot ou actually never but for the few times we did it was always a pleasure. She is very realistic and down to earth. I feel like she is a Rebelle person and I remember we shared very personal issues and...
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 Beautiful Celine <333
Beautiful Celine <333
The One arbre colline and Stefan/Paul Queen

Holly:My Cellybean! Celine is my superhero buddy, and she's pretty super herself! {I'm so funny :D } Celine is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and she's so smart and talented. She always makes me feel happy when we talk and i l’amour that ♥
Kir:You have such an amazing personality and such a great talent at making all kinds of fanarts. Keep up the good work!
Ade: toi and I are the OTH girls but paradoxically, we never share ou very rarely. And that always surprise me because toi are the one I should me plus likely to connect the most with. Anyway,...
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bee's faves meet taylor
brody x carrie