Her body had took the control over her mind,for the first time of her life.
This is for toi Rachel,hope you'll like it. Forgive me for the mistakes,writing in an other language is not always easy !

Dream cast :
Rose Leslie : Rachel Lannister
Nicolaj Coster Waldau : Jaime Lannister
Pedro Pascal : Oberyn Martell
Richard Madden : Robb Stark
Ed Skrein : Daario Naharis
Emilia Clarke : Inès Targaryen

Winter had come in Westeros.
Robb Stark's army was moving to King's Landing,and it was the first time Rachel had seen her brother and her all time best friend so worried.
Jaime and Oberyn knew that they would not win the war without sacrificing tons of innocent people. Rachel knew that too,but she was not ready to surrender without negociations ou explanation at least.
Robb's army was now in King's Landing,but they had not attacked yet. Waiting for the night to come,maybe,or just the good moment.
As they were speaking and argueing around the map and the table,Rachel left the room. Women,even if they were smart and strategic as Rachel,had not their place while men were talking about war. Even if Jaime and Oberyn had listened to her many times,this time,she knew that she had to do the things alone.

Wearing a simple black hood,she left the château and went to Robb Stark's camp. Guards were patrolling everywhere,but Rachel was amazingly discrete when it came to delicate and dangerous business.
She found Robb's tent kinda quickly,and slipped into it even faster,just after having stunned the two guards. Robb was in front of a huge map,and didn't even notice Rachel was in his tent.
She cleared her throat,Robb blenched.
"I would not dare."

"Who are you,what are toi doing,how did toi enter ?"
"God,so many questions...Rachel. Talking to you. With my feet."
"What ? "
"You're kind of slow to understand ! toi asked questions,I answered ! My name is Rachel,I'm here to talk to you,I entered walking on my two legs ! "
"Are toi mocking at me ? "
"I would not dare" she said,eyes full of mischief. "More seriously, I'm here to make a deal with you..."
"No,you wait. I speak,you listen. Your army is clearly going to win over ours,and we cannot risk to lead our people into a blood bath. That is why I want to offer toi something. toi take me as a prisoner,or whatever toi want to call me,and toi renounce to take King's Landing."
"What would I do with toi as a prisoner ? "
"Ask a ransom..."
"Wait. I've never heard about toi before,why would Jaime Lannister pay a ransom for toi ?" he asked.
"My brother would be ready to kill everyone in the Seven Kingdoms to keep me alive."
"You're Jaime's sister ?!"
"Why do toi seem so shocked ?"
"I didn't know he had a sister except Cersei."
"Half sister actually. Long story."

They spent several hours talking about Rachel's deal,and Robb finally agreed.
Rachel was a strong woman,a woman with ambitions and goals. She was also beautiful,with her ginger hair and her deep blue-grey eyes. But Robb was also attracted par her personnality. She knew what she wanted,she was smart,masterful and incredibly unique. That was probably why he had a dit yes so easily to her deal.

Rachel came back to the château and explained the situation to Jaime. Of course,he didn't agree,but he actually didn't have a choice,because when Rachel had something in mind,it was impossible to make her change her opinion.

Robb and Jaime encountered the suivant day,and arranged the details of Rachel's detention (even if Robb knew that he'd let her do everything she would want to do).
"Are toi mocking at me ?"

They left at night and took ships.
"Where are we going ?" Rachel asked.
"Meereen." Robb answered.
"Do toi know there is a Queen in Meereen now ? Do toi know that she won't let toi take her city. And that she has dragons, and that she is Aerys' daughter and that she has a half brother Viserys, and a half sister Daenerys,and that she is one of my best Friends ? " Rachel said.
"Well,I guess now I know ! taking the city is not in my plans. I just need new soldiers and we need provisions."
"Okay,then I assume she will be glad to help us."
"Us ?"
"I'm a part of toi and your army now,remember ?"
Robb nodded and smiled.

Rachel was actually happy to be on this ship, sailing to Meereen. She hadn't seen Inès since a long time,and taking part in the whole Robb Stark's adventure was the most exciting, actually. As he was leaving Rachel on the deck,she couldn't help but to analyze him. He was definitely the son of a Tully,with his blue eyes and thick brown hair. Strong and massive like his father,Rachel knew that he was a really good warrior. She was not the kind of woman to fall in l’amour with the first man who looks at her,but she was feeling something for him, without knowing exactly what it was.

The journey lasted about two weeks. Rachel and Robb had developed a complicity and he was actually listening to her when she was giving him advice. She was no a prisoner,she was Robb's equal.

They entered Meereen. A tall man came to them, he had long brown-blond hair.
Robb told him he was with Rachel Lannister and they wanted to talk to the Queen. The man lead them to Inès.

When Inès saw Rachel,she ran towards her and hugged her.
"Oh my God,what are toi doing here ? Did toi come to tell me that toi are coming back and that we are going to continue our trip ?"
"Well,unfortunately,no."Rachel replied.
She and Robb told her about the situation,and Inès told them that she will give them 2000 unsullieds.
Robb and Rachel decided to stay in Meereen for a couple of days.
"She's Aerys' daughter"

The suivant day,Inès and Rachel enjoyed the beautiful gardens of Meereen.
"So,what's happening between Robb Stark and toi ?" Inès asked.
"What ? What are toi talking about ?"
"Don't play the innocent girl with me Rachel. I know you,and the way toi look at him is not just friendly. So...did toi ou are toi going to ?"
"Going to do what ?"
"Come on ! toi know what I mean ! He is kind of attractive,but I prefer long hair."
"Talking about long hair,what is happening between toi and this...Daario ?" Rachel asked.
"Don't change the subject Rach."
"Well,I like him. I really do. I feel sûr, sans danger with him,but also strong. I'm not just a woman with him,I don't know if toi get it."
"I get it. And I'm glad you're happy. suivant steps are : kiss,bed and wedding !"

Robb joined them,and Inès judged it was the time for her to let them together.
"Hey,talking about gowns and fleurs ?" Robb asked Rachel.
"God,no. Inès and I are not that kind of women,if toi haven't noticed. We were catching up."
"She is a really good friend,right ?"
"Yes,we did so many things together,we had planned to free as many slaves as possible,but I had to come back in King's Landing,so she continued without me. It's good to see her."
"Oh,okay. But I was wandering... Isn't she supposed to have blond hair ? I mean,she is a Targaryen right ?"
"Half Targaryen. Her mom was a Tyrell. Hence her brown hair. But she has been raised par her father since she was born."

They spent the jour together,visiting Meereen and enjoying the sweet weather.
"I prefer long hair."

As the sun was about to let his place to the moon,Rachel and Robb decided to enjoy the beach.
Rachel was in front of this immensity,feet in the water. She remembered how much she loved it,the breeze,the heat,the sent of new horizons extending further and further... Robb was behind her. He took her right hand,and softly kissed it. Rachel felt a bit surprised,but Inès' words came back,and she decided to let herself go. It was something pleasant,being in Robb's arms. And what she was eager to do,but also a bit stressed,was to Kiss him,here,now. And that's what she did,without even thinking. Well,that's what They did. Perfect timing,she thought. It was actually the last thing she thought about,because all the rest was just lead par her emotions. Her body had took the control over her mind,for the first time of her life. Robb began to Kiss her neck,but Rachel suddenly a dit :
"Not here. People are coming on the plage at any time. Your room."
Robb nodded,and they took the path to the castle.

As they were heading to Robb's room,they encountered Inès and Daario,speaking and laughing. Inès smiled at Rachel,because she knew what was going to happen,and added :
"If toi need something,juts ask. My accueil is yours."
Rachel nodded,and Inès gave her a wink.

They entered the room,and Robb locked it.
"No one will disturb us tonight."

Rachel woke up when the sun was already high.
She remembered the night she had spent with Robb.
"Definitely the best of my life." she thought,smiling.