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On 7th October 2006, the original Londres Production cast of this record breaking montrer reunited on stage at the Queens Theatre.
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one jour plus
A local orchestra rendition of "One jour More".
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The seconde trailer for Tom Hooper's Les Miserables film adaptation
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Kyle Scatcliffe is going to be Enjolras in the 2014 Broadway show!
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this video is a combination of the song "one jour more" form Le Mis ( 10th anniversary i believe, best version!) and the animé Code Geass. i found ti on YouTube and loved it, enjoy,.
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10th anniversary concert
Code Geass
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Sola Yo

De nuevo sola por la calle, voy vagando sin un rumbo. Sin ver ni
un rostro conocido, ni una casa, ni un amigo.
Llegó la oscuridad...quiero creer qué él está aquí.
A veces ando sola en la noche, mientras todos duermen. Pienso en él, felíz me siento, él me llena el pensamiento.
Descansa la ciudad...y yo empiezo a vivir.

Sola yo, pretendo qué le llevo en mi.
Y con él, camino hasta el halba.
Aún sin él sus brazos me rodeán. Si siento qué me pierdo, él me muestra el camino.
Al llover las calles són de plata. Y la luz es bruma sobre el rio.
En la noche la luna ílumina, tu rostro con...
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I thought it would be such a cute idea to montrer how Eponine and Marius met so here it is Disclaimer: I own nothing. It's based off of the musical NOT the novel.

"PONNIIIINNNEEEEE" Madame Thernadier shouted waking her 15 an old daughter up from her sleep. Eponine rubbed her tired eyes and put a dirty, itchy châle on giving a huge yawn. Running downstairs and almost running into a man lire his morning paper staying at the Inn walking up to his room ."Damn it girl what the hell is your hurry?" "Sorry sir it won't happen again" . She new that a clobbering was in order if she "disturbed" a guest...
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