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Everyone was surprised of Kyoya's outburst,
"Well, he seems so full of energy!" a dit Zeo,
"Well, that's the power of l’amour alright!" Toby replied. "So, its settled then?" a dit Ryo, " What's settled, Dad?" Gingka asked, " Mission, Save Summer And The World!" Masamune shouted and startled Nile, as Madoka was trying to find where Summer is, everyone was getting ready for their up coming mission, "Every single Blader in that sindicate is very powerful, so I need all of toi to come back here in one piece with Summer and her Bey along with you, I trust toi all understand?" explained Ryo, "Gingka,...
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 Kyoya Tategami
Kyoya Tategami
"Madoka!" Nazumi shouted
"Whats wrong?" She asked from the basment
"Im heading out for a please if any of my Friends montrer up send them away!" She said
"Fine." Madoka a dit and Nazumi left
Nazumi walked around to the burger boutique to see Benkei and Kyoya. Kyoya was drinking something and Benkei was gobling up Burgers. ( xD!)
Kyoya spotted Nazumi and then Nazumi hid.
"I could see you." He said
"Damn!" She a dit getting up from under the table
" salut beautiful!" He smirked
" Dont be so Goody two shoes with me young man!" She yelled
Kyoya chuckled "So hows your bey?" He asked
"Well first of all shes...
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After the incident Kyoya was wondering,
" Why was she even on the beach?" staring intently on her as they walk together, Summer noticed then thought " Why is he staring at me?" then something occured quickly to both of their minds, asking each other at the same time,
" What's wrong?" but Kyoya answered first saying
" How did toi get to the beach?" then Summer answered " I really don't remember..." to Kyoya's surprise, he a dit " I guess we have to find the answer then?" Summer was surprised of Kyoya's reply but shyly thanked him for his kindness towards her and suddenly blushed harshely then...
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Name: Riley Edward

Age: 13 years old (kyoya's age 16)

Hobbies: lire books, watching animes, lire Shojos and hanging out with friends.

Personality: Crazy, weird, random, get dark...

Back ground: an american transfered student.

"Oh God...I am already late for the school...I guess...I would miss my first jour at school...",Riley said. It was her first jour at school and it wasn't her fault as she wasn't practiced with the Japanese time zone. She suddenly felt like the ground under her feet is shaking. "Huh?...whats happening..??...EARTH am to young to die right now...",She shouted as she started running around in a circle. She saw a big piece of rock in square which was going to fall on her. She closed her eyes and waited for whats going to happen next.
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kyoya tategami
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suivant day, before waking Miku, Kyoya slipped stealthily into the room and sat down beside her rubbing her head slightly. He looked twice Miku and noticed that she started smiling.
"Good Morning Kitten" a dit Kyoya.
"Oh ... salut .. Good morning."
"I told toi to keep that promise. How'd toi sleep?"
"Okay. No plus pain.'s Where it came bandages?" Miku looked plus closely at Kyoya and concluded that it hides something.
"Madoka gave me bandages and knew I did not want to wake ...."
Miku approaching hottest Kyoya and he whispered:
"Thanks that did it."
There was a silence until ....
"Breakfast is ready!"...
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Kyoya took her in his arms and went to Madoka.
"After we finish I can take toi home?" Kyoya asks.
"I ... uh ... I have no home," and the tears began to flow on her face. "My parents died in an accident when I was eight and I grew up in an orphanage."
"I'm really sorry, I, I did not know."
"It's alright."
"I didn't have parents too.My mother died when I was six and four years later my father became plus crazy and i ran away from home."
"So we're both alone."
"That's not true. After my Friends toi know toi will not feel alone."
"I feel better now, thanks."
Kyoya again redden the cheeks.
"Heh .. With pleasure"...
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My fav Kyouya AMV
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