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le choix des fans: Marlon Brando and His Cat
le choix des fans: Modern ❤️
le choix des fans: Romantic Movie💖
le choix des fans: Les Beatles
Les Beatles
The Temptations
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doubletrouble7 a dit …
hi there,tori here how are toi doing today?
are toi well?
i'm drinking my hot cup of joe.
no cream just sweet and low.
do toi drink coffee?
what's your favori place to drink coffee?
i like Starbucks i'm going there tomorrow with emanuel amaha my boyfriend.
bye now posté il y a 4 jours
ktichenor a dit …
I'm so tired of commercials calling the 80's the bad old dinosaur days! Excuse me but I lived in the 80's and I was quite happy, thank you! Besides less we forget 85 years from now everybody will be calling the 2010's the bad old dinosaur days too! Ugh! So annoying!🙄 posté il y a 6 jours
ktichenor commenté…
The 80's really were not that bad. I never cried over not having an iPod, really! I didn't! *lol!* il y a 6 jours
whatsupbugs commenté…
The 80s are responsible for Inspector Gadget, which I'm a big fan of. I can't speak too much for the 80s, because I was born in the 90s, but it seems like a great decade. il y a 6 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Well, it had it's ups and downs particularly the fashion. Thank god I was too young to wear that stuff! *lol!* il y a 4 jours
ktichenor a dit …
Hi! Wow, what a day! So got the temp crown from an inexperienced dental student and as a result it took four tries to get the temp correct then I had a teeth cleaning! 😝 (Yikes!)
My mouth is still numb but at least it's better.(Yay!)
But thank toi all for the well wishes! I will return tomorrow and catch up with toi all, I promise! Thank you, again! You're all amazing! *hugs!* 💖💖💖 posté il y a 8 jours
whatsupbugs commenté…
I hope toi feel better Kristen. I'm sorry that toi had to deal with that. il y a 8 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Thanks, hun ❤ I'll be fine, my mouth feels better so that's good. It was just a very surreal jour yesterday! *lol!* But thank you, I appreciate it 😊 il y a 7 jours
yorkshire_rose commenté…
So pleased toi have got that troublesome tooth sorted,Kirsten.Hope all is well hun *hugs* il y a 7 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Thanks! *hugs back!* ❤ il y a 7 jours