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Kristen Stewart Question


Ok, me and my mate are having this showdown on whose obession is better.
and mine is Kristen stewart.
and hers is Edward.
Do toi mind voting her Kristen ?

 KatiiCullen94 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Kristen Stewart Réponses

kstewrox said:
No problem. i'm a HUGE fan of Kristen Stewart!She is waayy better and AWESOMER than Edward/Robert Pattinson.Your obession is better and bigger because toi like an awesomer person, who i bet is smarter,funnier,and plus talented in Twilight and off set!!
toi have an awesome opinion.Keep thinking that Kristen Stewart rox!

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posted il y a plus d’un an 
rosaliefan43 said:
i l’amour kristen stewart.
im voting for kristen.<3
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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